By yardswoman - 29/06/2016 23:01

Today, I was mowing my yard when I hit a small rock, which hit my shed. I got done mowing and realized that it wasn't a small rock, it was my son's toy plyers and it wasn't my shed, it was my car window, which had shattered on impact. FML
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I'm wondering how you mistook your car for your shed? Or even toy pliers for a rock?


JocelynKaulitz 28

Oh, how a simple apostrophe can make such a difference in a sentence!

If they're kids toy pliers than there's a 99.9% chance of them being plastic. Why would kids pliers be made out of metal or any other material?

Sounds like an awful expensive mistake. But at least the shed is safe.

I'm wondering how you mistook your car for your shed? Or even toy pliers for a rock?

She probably thought she had shattered the window of her shed. Sorry, OP. That's quite the costly accident.

The glass in cars doesn't sound like glass when it breaks. It sounds more like plastic.

The car might be old enough to have glass windows that shatter instead of splintering.

Ok so here is the thing, the mower was really loud, obviously, and I know my yard there are lots of tiny rocks in it (so it is not unusual hit one). So when I hit the pliers, I just heard the little clank and went on mowing. I didn't care that it hit the shed because the shed is metal, and it was far enough away that I didn't hear it hit, which it didn't, obviously. And the pliers, I wish they were plastic.

Maybe next time you'll buy kids PLASTIC pliers.

Wait so they could've hit you or your house or son! Wow I think u got lucky...

I have seen so many online posts recently featuring the word "pliers" misspelled exactly as OP first wrote it that I almost bought a newly published dictionary to ensure the spelling hadn't changed. Sorry about the car, OP.

Both are correct according to Plyers is generally recognized as the British spelling.