By yardswoman
Today, I was mowing my yard when I hit a small rock, which hit my shed. I got done mowing and realized that it wasn't a small rock, it was my son's toy plyers and it wasn't my shed, it was my car window, which had shattered on impact. FML
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By  WolfMaestro  |  12

Ok so here is the thing, the mower was really loud, obviously, and I know my yard there are lots of tiny rocks in it (so it is not unusual hit one). So when I hit the pliers, I just heard the little clank and went on mowing. I didn't care that it hit the shed because the shed is metal, and it was far enough away that I didn't hear it hit, which it didn't, obviously. And the pliers, I wish they were plastic.

By  MrGrammar  |  4

I have seen so many online posts recently featuring the word "pliers" misspelled exactly as OP first wrote it that I almost bought a newly published dictionary to ensure the spelling hadn't changed.

Sorry about the car, OP.