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Today, a woman pushed a stroller in front of my car. Thinking I'd hit someone, I jumped out. Turns out it was a doll. The "woman" was a 14-year-old girl, claiming, "I did it for the Vine!" FML
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Wow. That's what this generation has come to.

Well let's hope she doesn't become a teen mother...


Wow. That's what this generation has come to.

Talk about it! At least you're not a mature person stuck in this generation! I'm more mature and I'm 13!

I'm 18 and I'm ambivalent about "my generation." Can it be this bad? Am I roped in with these morons? I am different... I hope. It's like the insane mans dilemma. Only insane people think they're sane.

To be honest, is there a generation of people that has ever said "wow that younger generation is going to do better than us!" Not even once. Ever. It's just a fact of life really.

Some day people will realize that 'generation' is never a good way to determine anything except age.

16- I'm 15, YOU are the type of person from our generation I dislike the most. "I'm mature and I'm only 13" oh shut up.

What I hate is really young people being on the Internet! They should be out, playing in the dirt and having fun playing Pokemon!!

My parents refused to get me pokemon. *three years in the future* *is at college* *gets a ds or gameboy* *makes childhood by playing pokemon*

I'm 20 and I still love playing Pokemon, yet I'm mature enough to be working 2 jobs and attending college. :) it's not a generation thing, it's an individual thing.

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I'm 16 and ashamed of some of the people in my generation.

8313girl 28

27-Well that's depressing! So that means that every 20 years it's getting worse and worse. The morals and respect of some of them are almost nonexistent. They're getting pregnant at 11 & 12. They put the most idiotic things on the web and get praised for it. They put the worst personalities of people on tv and pay them to be "role models". I wonder about the next 20 years. Something positive has to come out of this. OK people, my rant is over.

Aligator67 12

Yeah, it's pretty ridiculous. I saw a post about a 12 year-old having a nearly 2 year old child! Why would anyone be proud to look back and say that they had sexual relations at such a young age? Also the amount of time people spend on electronics is... just wow. You used to see little kids playing with toys or other chldren, now they play on iphones and brainwash their own self. My own mom is addicted to her phone sometimes. Do they realize what this is doing? It's corrupting EVERYONE, even me sometimes. Do you know how frustrating it is to talk to someone when they're staring at their phone? "Hey mom, I had a bad day and I need to talk to you for advice." *Mom stares at phone and doesn't hear her because she's soooo absorbed in her game. If I could choose any year to be born in and grow up in, it would be years faarrr before electronics were invented. It sounds crazy, what I'll say next, but I've dreamt of being born in a different century since I was 6. I'm 14 now, and the dream only grows stronger. I'd become Amish if it were possible. I dream of sitting down at a table with my family to eat dinner and discuss things as a FAMILY. It seems like I don't even have a family anymore. I want to have grown up working on a farm and doing daily chores. I want my family to actually get up and go to church with me every Sunday. Reading books is the closest I can get to my idea of a perfect life.

My boyfriend is 29, has a full time job and he still plays Pokemon :)

8313girl 28

66-Before you start insulting people for their opinions, I did say SOME people. I'd never generalize a whole group of people because of some bad apples. That's prejudiced and wrong. But I think the bad does outweigh the good.

Actually teen pregnancy is lower than it was in the 80s and 90s so you guys are feeding old myths about "this generation'

You can't cure stupid, but they will kill themselves off. Or at least that's what it seems like is going to happen.

#16, your 13.. How mature can you be? Brushing your dolls hair everyday? Being on time for teletoon? You're still a child and have a lot of growing to do, enjoy it while you can because responsibility can be a slap to the face.

buttcramp 21

i'm 22, married, and a mom. I agree with you #1 but even people my own age are still doing this kind of stupid stuff. it's generalization to say this, but a majority of the people today just suck lol

So... if the same technology was around when you all were our age you wouldn't be using it too?

Sorry I disliked clicked the wrong thing


#65 - no offence dude, coz I agree to you to some degree, but the fact that you said that on a website's comments kind of destroys your argument. As in its burning in ashes

MyUsernameKatie 31

Although, it does seem like people are very dependent on technology. Ever been in a movie theater? In the past 6 months, have you been to a movie and not seen at least one person check their phone more than once? Have you yourself been watching a movie while texting on your phone? I'm not saying don't use the technology, hell, that's why it's there, but there is a time and a place for it. If you can't go 2 hours without texting someone, be with them instead of at the movies. Sorry for the rant, but god, that bugs the shit out of me. If you have to use your phone, at least turn the damn brightness down. But, who cares right? It's an "I got mine" kind of world.

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Also the "I had a kid so I know everything about life" girls

MyUsernameKatie 31

123, probably because OP thought they hit a baby because a stroller was pushed in front of their car

Aligator67 12

#83, Alright, I admit that I did not word that right. There are good things about advancing technology, but the amount of negatives seem to drown out the positive. I may of said what I did, but to be honest I'm a bit of a hypocrite. There have been sick people and wrong doings in the past, I realize that. But if you think about it, the number just continues to increase, and there's no stopping it now. You could be the kindest, greatest person in the world, but it wouldn't change the facts. You could donate your entire savings for a good cause, but it will never make up all the wrongs people in this world have done. Things. Are. Just. Going. To. Get. Worse.

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I don't know if 10-12 is really teen yet :/

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Maybe there was no time to stop. The girl could have pushed the stroller just as OP drove by so that OP would hit it

The OP didn't jump out of a moving vehicle before hitting someone, they hit an empty stroller, that was deliberately pushed into their vehicle, and jumped out to see if everyone was okay.

yeah can you imagine how hurt the poor doll would have been. shame on you OP for promoting doll cruelty!

Well let's hope she doesn't become a teen mother...

REALAfroninga 11

But I don't doubt she'd do it for the vine.

Only a few more years until "16 and pregnant"

Let's hope she doesn't become a mother period.

I pray she doesn't have her own kids any time soon -_-

Those vines have started to get out of hands now.

Right? If she had done that to me, I would not have been able to control myself.

#40 No, that's why she wrote "The vine?". which obviously means she knows what it is...

I'll tell them what it is then :p a vine is a very short video (usually about 7 seconds long) that usually features something hilarious or cool (the maker seem to think it's hilarious or cool anyway) self-made by random people. You can find them on various sites including Facebook by searching "Best Vines" or "Best of Vines"

Vine the seven second video social media for iPhones and stuff...yes no? Google it!!

Vines. The shit that I got my ass whooped for doing when I was growing up. Now it's on the internet and celebrated as "hilarious."

skyttlz 32

I think vines are stupid. I had a friend who was out of control with sharing "best of vines" and they were all so stupid that I just blocked it.

What kind of sick person even does this? Thinking you hit or almost hit a baby in a stroller with your car must be a little traumatizing

ThatInvisibleBoy 7

The things people will do "for the vine" is getting really out of hand.