By iVaughtTV / Tuesday 28 February 2012 22:44 / United States
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The only reason i can think of where you could confuse lemonade for urine is if you pissed in a lemonade bottle on a long car ride and left it in your car and later thought it was actually lemonade.

  K_kanaka  |  26

So Op please tell us how exactly this happened. Were you so thirsty that the yellow liqui look so appealing to you up until it went into your mouth.


Healthy piss is a light yellow color and doesn't have a strong odor. So perhaps one of OP's lovely friends pissed in a cup and said "hey man, you look parched! Would you care for some lemonade?"

  maszaros  |  8

Yeah, or the opacity? Last I checked lemonade has pulp, or is at least slightly cloudy. If your pee looked like that it's time for an STD screening!

By  ragzy  |  7

Really? Either whoever's piss you drank is very well hydrated or the lemonade you drink is actually Mountain Dew. Whichever way no bubbles and the smell means you completely deserved this.

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