By iVaughtTV - 28/02/2012 22:44 - United States

Today, I learned that lemonade and urine look very similar to one another. I also learned that they taste very different. FML
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ByronJess 17

... I'm very curious as to how this occurred... The smell didn't give it away?

Swedude 5


Midrash 5

Bet u were real pissed off afterward.

MetalxSoldier 26

Actually, no, no they don't. Perry? "weird grumbly sound"

hellbilly205 17

You did'nt know they would taste diffrent before this point in time?

Why did you have piss and lemonade so close together and in similiar containers

klovemachine 24

piss and lemonade are different temperatures entirely. that should've been a clue.

MizzErikaHart 8

Wonder what you'll learn tomorrow, op.

Umm... who stores their piss and their lemonade and piss in the same place? Wait. Who stores their piss at all!?!?

60- he will learn that chocolate and poop have different taste.

icecreamdriveby 5

The only reason i can think of where you could confuse lemonade for urine is if you pissed in a lemonade bottle on a long car ride and left it in your car and later thought it was actually lemonade.

Bear Grylls is proud to have people like you in this world.

Maybe the piss was in a drink bottle in the fridge. The pop cap might have reset if it was bottled warm and refrigerated immediately.

They would be the same temperature after about 5 minutes... idiot...

Well I think someone probably was pranking op and they were too dumb to realize the difference.

#79 Haha, that a Snickers and a poop taste nothing alike

ByronJess 17

... I'm very curious as to how this occurred... The smell didn't give it away?

K_kanaka 26

So Op please tell us how exactly this happened. Were you so thirsty that the yellow liqui look so appealing to you up until it went into your mouth.

His stupid friends probably put lemonade in his piss as a joke and when he drank it he got a mouth full of lemonade instead

Piss and lemonade are very distinct looking. How'd OP get that confused?

I'm curious to how urine got disposed into a cup in the first place, unless OP drinks lemonade out of the toilet

Healthy piss is a light yellow color and doesn't have a strong odor. So perhaps one of OP's lovely friends pissed in a cup and said "hey man, you look parched! Would you care for some lemonade?"

Haha @23, those bastards! Why would they do that..

Yeah, or the opacity? Last I checked lemonade has pulp, or is at least slightly cloudy. If your pee looked like that it's time for an STD screening!

you drank lemonade! eww gross. who's piss is lemonade Yellow?

OP, I feel your pain man. Lemonade is disgusting.

maxmex13 7

98 - I think you're dehydrated

I'm wondering what made this person think they tasted the same ._.

Yeah, urine smells and is also generally much warmer than the ideal glass of lemonade. Ick.

How the hell did you find that out? Dumb enough for a preschool prank?

MetalxSoldier 26

Well the op is pretty dumb. It's like saying "Today, I learned that semen and milk look alike. I also learned that they taste very different!"

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lebronesque73091 12

Let's see... They smell different, and they taste different. Why did you have pee in a cup in the first place?

Yeah #73. Semen is way better tasting then milk. Wait did I say that out loud? Ohh shit.

CyNommy 4

Anyone else remember that scene from 'dumb and dumber' with the cop when they read this?

Tweekz14 5

You little pumpkin pie hair cutted freak!

Inheritance 10

Nh Loved when he was twitching from drinking his piss haha

Really? Either whoever's piss you drank is very well hydrated or the lemonade you drink is actually Mountain Dew. Whichever way no bubbles and the smell means you completely deserved this.

Damn English people don't know what lemonade is. It hasn't bubbles, and it's a hazy yellow. It's not one of your silly "fizzy drinks".

Oh you mean that shit that kids sell that tastes crap?

princev3 4

Wow everyone knows that poop and lemonade do not look similar... OP deserves it for thinking that shit looks like delicious lemonade.

Swedude 5

"I'm home alone and can't be asked to go to the toilet to relief myself. Better drink my own piss"

Looks like the sun is beginning to go down. Better drink my own piss.

spekledworf 18

There it is! I was looking for a Bear Grylls remark

Someone really hates you, but either way, this was avoidable in too many ways

badass243 6

you just learned that today?? haha

The people in your profile picture are surprised aswell with your statement

I modded this a no because I thought it was stupid. Urine smells strong and is usually a darker color then sweet watery yellow sugar.

ninjuh_wingman 29

They taste very different but both are things you can drink. Its just that urine is probably a last resort.

L1v3_L0v3_Lau9h 18

Unless you're Bear Grylls, then it's your first resort.