By Anonymous - United Kingdom
Today, I bleached my hair. Not only did it fry, it also has a very noticeable green tint and because of the damage, I can't dye it again for a while. Now I keep getting asked "Why so serious?" by my friends. FML
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  foREVerA7X  |  0

You do realize the majority of the world just looks at Canada as the United States bitch, right? It comes from me myself being Canadian and living in France most of my life.


Alright, let's get some things straight, 1. 64... good one, EH? 2. The world does hate the US, not saying I do, I've got family there who can confirm that yes you people ARE fat, 3. Canada is often the first one to say fuck you to the US when they try to do something stupid. 4. The Canadian - US relationship is a sort of brother situation the US (big brother) goes around punching people making enemies while Canada goes around living it up with all the power. Also don't try deny say that most of the world doesn't hate the US, even you guys know it, I've run into US tourists posing as Canadians who admit to buying little packages to pretend they're Canadian while on vacation.

  hippiechick91  |  0

Hey 69 are you saying Canadians aren't fat? I've seen some pretty fat Canadians. Just saying. Not all Americans are fat. Second of all, Canada is the United States bitch. I'm not complaining, I LOVE Canada and Canadians. My aunt is adopted from Canada. My cousins are Canadian. But I think you should be less jealous of our country. People love us :) We help the world. Canada isn't the first to say, "Fuck you" to the U.S. Canada backs us, like England.

  5t3ff1k4h  |  44

135 - I think you've got that wrong. Canada is not America's "bitch" and there are many people within this country who dislike America. You make yourself sound like a wishful ass.

  dragonaair  |  5

How else do you think you change your hair colour from say, black to red? Or brown to blonde? Bleach is fine as long as you don't use it every month or something.