By Anonymous - 16/01/2011 17:18 - United Kingdom

Today, I bleached my hair. Not only did it fry, it also has a very noticeable green tint and because of the damage, I can't dye it again for a while. Now I keep getting asked "Why so serious?" by my friends. FML
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UpsidedownKayak 9

Wear a purple suit, put on some white make up and have fun with it. Really, it's not that serious.

The added "LMFAO" eliminated any chance of you being funny.


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The added "LMFAO" eliminated any chance of you being funny.

She was never funny to begin with.

Well, duh, she's Canadian.

this is why the while world hates you fat assed americans see pic above for example

LOL yep! Exactly why the world hates Americans. At least us Canadian's are known for our ability to laugh at ourselves.

That's a stereotype.Your a dumbass sheep that has no idea what he's talking about. Now go play little buddy.

You do realize the majority of the world just looks at Canada as the United States bitch, right? It comes from me myself being Canadian and living in France most of my life.

I can't see why we would be considered usa's bitch. Way to stand up for your country... but I guess that's why you live in France, coward!

38 1st she is not fat 2nd she is not American so go off and play some hockey ay

Alright, let's get some things straight, 1. 64... good one, EH? 2. The world does hate the US, not saying I do, I've got family there who can confirm that yes you people ARE fat, 3. Canada is often the first one to say **** you to the US when they try to do something stupid. 4. The Canadian - US relationship is a sort of brother situation the US (big brother) goes around punching people making enemies while Canada goes around living it up with all the power. Also don't try deny say that most of the world doesn't hate the US, even you guys know it, I've run into US tourists posing as Canadians who admit to buying little packages to pretend they're Canadian while on vacation.

DakotaCat 4

#64 It's eh not ay! And hockey is the best sport! :)

alfredrog 0

relax people :p !!

MidnightBlossom 2

Canadians are awesome. ps. I'm American. pss. I don't know why Canadians are awesome, they just are. Must be the bacon....

twinny_sc 13

Canada is insignificant. You guys should just change your name to "New France" or "The Other United States."

lovepinkandzombi 0

well #2, at least u tried

69 I'm pretty sure everywhere else in the world there are over weight people it's not just the USA. stop being ignorant

yea I like hockey I should have said curling

Too bad you're too dumb to realize that that "fat asked American" is in England

percawesome 0

86- The majority of Canadians don't even speak French or have French canadienne culture you arse

Bubblerider 3

everyone just has there own stereotypes. there are like at least a few of every kind of person everywhere. -_-

hansbans11 0

yeah there's fat people every where. however we (the us) have the most morbidly obese individuals living here. it's really unfortunate.

k canadians are awesome let's just agree on that :D

That dude in your picture I know him, I think he's from the streets lol but suck on that Gold bitches!!!

That was a reply to 86 lol

Everything will be solved. Go on YouTube, search "Rucka Rucka Ali", and watch the video on Canada. kthxbai

hippiechick91 0

Hey 69 are you saying Canadians aren't fat? I've seen some pretty fat Canadians. Just saying. Not all Americans are fat. Second of all, Canada is the United States bitch. I'm not complaining, I LOVE Canada and Canadians. My aunt is adopted from Canada. My cousins are Canadian. But I think you should be less jealous of our country. People love us :) We help the world. Canada isn't the first to say, "Fuck you" to the U.S. Canada backs us, like England.

135 - I think you've got that wrong. Canada is not America's "bitch" and there are many people within this country who dislike America. You make yourself sound like a wishful ass.

that's kind of stereotyped. I mean, I'm american and I love Canada. I have nothing against canadians. why are y'all hating on us?

fmlbrooo 0

At first, I thought Hulk, but that's "You won't like him when he's angry." haha. Anywaysss, Jokers the shit :)

UpsidedownKayak 9

Wear a purple suit, put on some white make up and have fun with it. Really, it's not that serious.

ydi you should have gone to a salon to have your hair bleached. i'm sure it would have been worth the money over having green hair...

Or at least not dying it unless she was fully aware of how to do it.

yea op ydi for being cheap as hell. why do ppl think it's a good idea to play with chemicals?

_nathalia_ 0

Why would you hurt your hair? You shouldve known that by at least bleaching it you would damage it. I'm sorry but YDI

lovepinkandzombi 0


YDI for bleaching your hair

loquitaxD 1


How else do you think you change your hair colour from say, black to red? Or brown to blonde? Bleach is fine as long as you don't use it every month or something.

danceoo 0

go to an actual hairdresser?

Bruno_Mars_Fan 0

or keep it the way it is? I like the color of my hair, never dyed it, never will.

uffiewuffie 0

Why would you even WANT to dye dark hair to blonde?

i agree^^ u should have been smarter ... srry but sometimes things happen and you dont think about it till after :

Make sure to take it easy on the eye shadow and lipstick for the next couple weeks.

Learn the dialog from the Hitler Downfall parody "Hitler asked Why so serious?"

KingDingALing 9

This is perfect! Just carry a knife around with you and when your friends ask "why so serious?" again, then pull out the knife and cut a smile into their face. :)

ContactSparrows 0

Hahahahahahaha !!!!!!!!