By Anonymous - Antigua and Barbuda

Good samaritan

Today, I passed a car, and heard a baby crying in the back seat. It was hot and no one was around. All the doors were locked so I broke it with a rock, cutting my arm and setting the alarm off. Only to find out that it was a realistic baby doll. I have to get 7 stitches and pay for the window. FML
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  rushiee  |  0

ahahaa i had to take one home for a day
those are the worst i can understand why the person left it in there..
but i can also get why u broke the window
so uhhhh fyl? (:

  doink  |  0

If it had been a real baby in the car, it's better to make an attempt to save it yourself rather than waiting for an officer to come. Time cannot be wasted in situations like that.

But I think the OP should have looked in the window a bit longer to make sure it was a real baby.

  stephanie0613  |  0

Haha i had to take one of those home for a week. It would start crying so much and i didnt have the panic key. I just kept taking the batteries out :)), but FLY op atleast you know you meant good by breaking the window.


If the baby had been real, the time it would have taken OP to run in the building and ask for help or call the police would have been too long and the baby would have died. On a hot day it doesn't take very long for small children and pets to roast in a hot car. Take a few things into consideration: 1. if the windows were tinted, it would have been hard to see the kid. Even from the windshield the baby would have been hard to make out, tinted or not. 2. The parking lot could have been located in a plaza and therefore the time it would have taken to call for help would have been longer because there are more places to check for the irresponsible parent. 3. Local authorities wouldn't get there fast enough before the child died. 4. There are realistic dolls out on the market and as technology grows, they become more life like.

OP is ignorant for not being safer on rescuing the child, even if it was a doll. S/he could have easily used a shirt to shield their hand.

  rudie96  |  3

Hey, the mechanical baby papers warn you not to leave it in public places unattended because it could be mistaken for a real baby. I would know. Im doing the project meet week and I've seen the babies

By  mrahhhhh  |  21

Here's a tip, dummy.

If you have a rock, throw it at the back window, then unlock all the doors. Don't put it in your hand and use it as a weight for smashing. If you really want to do that just wrap your fist in cloth and swing away.

  xgetxbentx  |  13

throwing a rock into a car where you believe there is a baby would be a very stupid thing to do.
granted in this scenario it was a doll, but if it were a real baby they could have hit it with the rock and killed it.

  wwerulez14  |  6

You can't throw a rock through a windshield, it's meant to stay together, in one piece. The only way to remove it, is to either pry it out, or kick it out from the inside. Should have just broke the drivers door and clicked the "UNLOCK" switch... And even with the regular windows, those aren't easy to break. Has anyone seen the video of the reporter epiclly failing at trying to break a window with a hammer? That's a good example (that both windows are tough to break, and you can't be a total wimp and hope to break one :) )

PHEW. Got all that???

  mrahhhhh  |  21

How ironic.

Before this thread I disagreed with Ignorance on everything, and also saw organized_chaos as an above average commenter. For this thread only the roles have been switched.

BTW good job on using more than ten words in one comment, Ignorance. First time I've seen you do that.

  ChibiChibi_fml  |  27

I am just going to point out right now that not every place has laws to protect good Samaritans so that "don't call for help, you just do it" attitude can get you sued if something go wrong while you try to help. It's happened before, it will happen again, and the sad fact is the good Samaritan doesn't always win the case. Just throwing that out there, for consideration.

  ohhjessiex  |  1

I have to agree with ignorance. although OP's actions weren't the smartest.. they did what they thought was best at the moment because they reacted on impulse. when dealing with a life or death situation every second helps.


I agree with ignorance. Anything can happen in the 5 minutes it takes to run in someplace. And if there is no possible way to get out of leaving the baby for a minute, at least crack the windows. That's common sense.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

I actually agree with oc on this, mostly. If the baby is crying, it's not in imminent danger. It doesn't mean OP should dawdle but there is enough time to call someone who can help either in person or over the phone.At the very least, you have time to look through the windows before you break them in.

Babies should never be left unattended in a car but you should make sure that's what the situation is before you start damaging property.

Since it didn't happen, all the preceding is moot. OP broke a window, OP should pay for said window.


Yea I gotta agree with OC on this one. First of all, in any emergency, you're supposed to remain calm. OP should have confirmed that it was a baby then shouted nearby or checked inside stores really quick. Call the cops and ask, they will tell you what to do. Also, you're supposed to wrap your hand up with a cloth or your shirt if you're going to smash a car window.

  killabee  |  0

I agree with OC. This is just ridiculous, how freaking long does it take to dial 911, then while on the phone, this is the time to assess things, look in the window, (which is where OP would have noticed fake baby), then if the situation calls for it break the window. 10 seconds to not make yourself a jack-ass.
Notice, check, think, then act.


I agree with oc here, with one exception-- looking for the parents. The worst case scenario in this situation would be that someone left a real baby in a hot car for an extended period of time. If you happen to find that someone, he or she will probably get the hell out of there before it can be reported. I wouldn't want to know I let that happen. 

I'd probably call the cops right away and ask what I should do. If the adult is just dropping off a rented movie or something, they'll be back before someone responds, and you can cancel the call for help. If they don't coming back in the meantime, someone with authority will make sure the baby will be safe after this immediate situation is resolved.