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Today, my brother decided to help me artificially age some of my artwork by singeing the edges slightly. Apparently "my brother set fire to my homework" isn't a valid excuse. FML
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I set fiiiiire, to the paint. Watch it burn as my grade fades awaaay.

I'd have thought that would've worked.


I'd have thought that would've worked.

Tell him your brother is the human torch

Maybe the dog set my homework my fire?They definitely would have believed that...

Indianboy9321 25

#10 If you said that they would send you to basic English class.

No #10. I would say that if I were you. That's a good way to get bumped down a grade.

at least it's better than " my dog are my h homework!"

The old tea bag usually works well to age art work as well as pirate maps.

Yeah but "my brother brewed my homework into a drink" doesn't work as well

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And it might raise some eyebrows when you tell people "I teabagged my art".

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31 has been waiting all his life to make that comment.

iLike2Teabag 27

My life was meaningless up until I made it.

I am slowly dying of laughter from reading that comment 31 made Edit: and his name, he must really like teabags

I've done this a ton of times, I used to do it to make my History coursework more interesting, but you have to get a sponge or a cloth and wet the paper right along where you want to fire to stop... If his brother just set it on fire and hoped for the best then he's a moron.

31 that joke nearly killed me!!! and was it a coincidence that your profile PIC was that of a teabag??

Congrats #59 you saw part of the joke that comes with his name *facepalm*

Don't try to argue too much, things might get heated.

And you need to be careful to not burn your bridges!

If they're both hot headed, they might find themselves in a shouting match.

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9-I believe you meant 'britches'?

cadillacgal79 32

Or down vote me if I'm wrong, the analogy I've always heard uses the word 'britches' and not 'bridges'.

i can assure you you're wrong. the analogy means don't burn friendships/connection. "britches" doesn't work with what the saying actually means

In this sense, it's bridges. As in, if you're an island and your connections to other islands are bridges, burning them is easier than building them. That said I Googled. There is a saying in some places of "That really burns my britches", an old word for trousers. Basically means "That really pisses me off". It's more than possible that in some areas, the local dialect has combined the two to mean both or either as often happens with old sayings. :)

I set fiiiiire, to the paint. Watch it burn as my grade fades awaaay.

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LOL your version makes more sense than Adele's!

i laughed harder than i should have at this joke!! finally the song makes some sense to me.

Epickitty58 29

FINALLY a version that MAKES SENSE! Don't get me wrong, I love that song, but I never understood what Adele meant by "And I set fire to the rain, watch it pour as I touch your face".

Im sure the teacher has never heard that before!

Little do we know that OP's teacher is the mother of the girl who almost set fire to their house while trying to take artsy Instagram photos. Needless to say, she probably feels fire and art don't mix.

You have to be so so careful doing that, and hold the paper a lot further away from the flame than you think

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You'd set more than just your homework on fire

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Or singe it before you write anything on it to prevent anything important from getting burned up

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I've heard the "my dog ate my homework" excuse, but I've never this one before lol

My dog ate a massive semester long assignment once. I went outside for 1 min to collect the mail, came back and it was in shreds. As I don't usually do my homework the teacher though I didn't do it and got my parents into school and in the school assembly made me tell the school what my excuse was, until my parents arrived at the assembly and told them the truth. Lol, was the funniest day of my life.

Epickitty58 29

51- You got lucky that your parents saw! If they hadn't, the funniest day of your life could have been the most unfair and humiliating. Or worse, you could have been forced to do your homework. *DUN DUN DUN*

Yeah, I can relate to #51. I had recently gotten a new dog (whom is behaved now), she never saw paper before and ripped up my homework which feel to the floor overnight. I looked everywhere for it and then recognized some of the subject matter on these torn particles. I tried explaining to my teacher but they refused to believe me and said they couldn't believe I'd ever use such a childish excuse...I've never gotten an "F" before until that day. Luckily, I asked if there was any alternate assignments I could do to make up for it. He knew me to be a good student and decided to give me a paper to write; I was quite greatful.

That could actually be a believable excuse. It's a shame it didn't work.

Not trying to sound mean, honest question here, but can't you sense the vibrations?

I think you commented on the wrong FML dear

Next time stick to light washes of tea around the edges :)