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  MrsPegg  |  45

Not to be way off topic here, but in 24's pic (no offense) does it look like her left boob is huge and her right look little?? I feel awkward pointing that out, but it's bothering me since 29 said they down voted due to the picture...

By  Your_Nightmares  |  10

I thought one usually tells the stranger that there was a bug on them instead if smacking it. Or at least saying, "hold still there's a bug on you" before swatting it away.

  Driblets  |  8

I tried to "help" this kid in my Spanish class that is in a wheel chair that no one would work with by working with him on some partner work. One of the questions was asking what our partner likes to do... En español, I asked him if he likes to dance. -__-