By CantPublish - 04/09/2012 22:02 - United States

Today, I saw a bug on a stranger's arm and as a knee-jerk reaction smacked it. It took me a second before I realized it was actually a loose scab. FML
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hwkfan1 10

Ydi all the way. Even if it was a bug, wouldn't you just tell them they have a bug on their knee?

sensoon15 7

Did they instinctively smack your face?


habibiiiiiii 2

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Yes but obviously you need to think more in our society than dear old OP hear

FilleNoir 21

I don't mean to be a grammar nazi... *here

No it's fine I swore at myself when I saw it.

hwkfan1 10

Ydi all the way. Even if it was a bug, wouldn't you just tell them they have a bug on their knee?

hwkfan1 10


I agree. I don't like when people touch me.

They would probably feel it first if their skin was bare.

Yeah, but it says in the FML that it was "a kne-jerk reaction", which I guess would mean that the OP really wasn't thinking, it was like a reflex.

You should never be slapping random people. It's not a thing that is expectable socially. I hope you learned your lesson OP.

Did it bug him that you hit him?

I'll upvote you for your effort.

I down vote for your stupidity

I down vote your picture.

Not to be way off topic here, but in 24's pic (no offense) does it look like her left boob is huge and her right look little?? I feel awkward pointing that out, but it's bothering me since 29 said they down voted due to the picture...

I noticed that too. Please refer to my "about me" section and I am sure my comment will make more sense.

Your_Nightmares 10

I thought one usually tells the stranger that there was a bug on them instead if smacking it. Or at least saying, "hold still there's a bug on you" before swatting it away.

ikickgingers 15

In that case it would not be a knee-jerk reaction ...

sensoon15 7

Did they instinctively smack your face?

"Today, my neighbor smacked me on the face. He/she said it was a knee-jerk reaction. FML"

Omg, ewwwiee

Mirror shot. "Omg, ewwwiee."

At least you can say that you've smacked a stranger before. I would not recommend going into details though.

I'm not sure how that would be any consolation.

Have you smacked a stranger before?

At least you tried to help.

Driblets 8

I tried to "help" this kid in my Spanish class that is in a wheel chair that no one would work with by working with him on some partner work. One of the questions was asking what our partner likes to do... En español, I asked him if he likes to dance. -__-

...and that's how I got hepatitis... Seriously though, bug or not, it was on a say something first. YDI

Eww gross FML indeed