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  1221jamw  |  11

59- Not only are those jokes as old and unfunny as the arrow to the knee jokes, but the slight alteration you added, made you sound like a total douche.

  Zeppelin1969  |  5

Yeah the arrow to the knee thing is kinda getting old. Let's all leave that alone for a couple of days or a month or two and it'll be funny again when someone brings it back up.

  StopDropNRoll  |  11

Well he is 10! ^^
And I'm pretty sure that ovens get way hotter ~350-450 so I mean if you think it about he didn't do so bad. And maybe he just really had to take a piss and used the hot oven as an excuse :D

  graham11  |  14

61- who uses a hot oven as an excuse? I would much rather walk a few feet to the bathroom. Or if all else fails, use the sink or something.. But seriously..