Mah bawsac

By Anonymous - 12/07/2014 20:19 - United States - Indianapolis

Today, I accidentally twisted my balls in my own underwear so badly that I had to be hospitalized. FML
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bigpappy7 5 did you manage that?

inner_peace 19

Just reading that made me cringe.


bigpappy7 5 did you manage that?

I imagine a case of sticky scrotum combined with some hasty underpants work. It's a recipe for pain. Awareness of this danger needs to be raised.

Sometimes tight underwear can be too form fitting. You go from slightly adjusting to having a part of your jimmy jank being pulled in all directions.

I remember hearing urban legends of this when people wore boxers under their girdles in football. Thank god I was old school and wore a jock strap :P

JMichael 25

I too would like to understand how something like that could happen.

This is why the world need to look into the myth of compression shorts

Some males have "saggy" balls it could be the cause. I have "big" balls so I have to wear baggy pants and I now and then check in the doctors just to make sure I don't have some sort of cancer. I don't know the medical terms for ball sacks. So I used the quote system to explain what I mean. There is a medical terms for sizes and shapes. I'm sure were all adults here.

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incoherentrmblr 21

Just reading this hurts my balls...

Its the bloodsupply to the ******** that got twisted around and therefore was blocked. This happens within the scrotum accidentaly in some males, usually between 16 and 30. Its a medical emergency, and the bloodsupply needs to be restored (untangled) within 4 hours, or the ******** affected will die. Hence the catchfrase : testis is time! Its painful, so a patient will know somethinv is wrong.

I'm wondering why it specified his OWN underwear. Does he regularly wear other people's underwear and so it happening in his own a surprise? Say nice lose boxers compared to his girlfriend's frilly French knickers?

or his boyfriends. we don't know OP's sexuality

One of the greatest movies of all times, EVER! (It's also where & when I received the same nickname right out of high school.)

If that is the case, #77 is right. That is called testicular tortion.

This is something that can just randomly happen. Pants too tight or pants too loose, during sports or during sleeping. One thing is for sure, once torsion happens there is massive swelling and pain. And if you're unlucky and it doesn't twist back by itself while walking to the car to go to hospital, there has to be surgery to twist it back. And if you're prone to have torsion they can tack the testes to the scrotum to prevent future occurrence.

Had it happen to me during the summer at my labour job. Like an idiot I stayed at work in pain for 7 hours. When I went to the hospital the doctor called me an idiot and the next time it happens drop everything and go to the hospital. Worst part was I had to get medicine and while getting it the only person working was a very attractive lady who leaned in and said with a smile no sex for 2 weeks. :/ feel for you op good luck.

TheyCallMeDamien 17

Inquiring minds would like to know.

inner_peace 19

Just reading that made me cringe.

I think every guy on here had that same response.

gjikvtj 18

Maybe a few women, too ... :(

I'm a girl and I still was like "Oh my Jesus!"

tingtingmeg 12

how did you manage to do that?

Managed to reply as #20 to #4, so I win regardless of votes.

It's actually pretty common. It's called testicular torsion. It happens to 33% of guys.

The condition you mentioned is correct but it doesn't happen to 33% guys. It just happens to about 1 in 4000 guys and mostly in puberty stage due to fast growth of testicles or to guys who have the case of testicles that can rotate freely.

Dallasluver19 14

No, it really doesn't. It kind of twists and contorts them in an awful way that ensures pain.

qdawg06 23

How did you explain that to the nurses?

I'd like to know how they treat "twisted scrotum"

inner_peace 19

My mothers a nurse. You would be surprised how many stories she has told me about men's testicles being twisted up so bad for so long that one had to be removed.

badluckalex 23

"ya.. so uh... I was fapping so hard I.. uh... twisted my testicles.."

MzZombicidal 36

#65, that sounds exactly like what would happen to someone named BadLuckAlex. Lol.

Isn't that what happened in Curb Your Enthusiasm? Lmao

There's just so many visions in my head right now that I did not want.