By girl on fire - 03/09/2015 00:32

Today, my idiot kid brother set my shirt on fire with a magnifying glass while I was taking a nap outside. FML
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daniel271 13

Damn I thought that happen in movies only


Little brothers do what little brothers gotta do. I have one as well and i know the tortures. You should probably hide your shirts...

Pretty sure OP was wearing said shirt at the time of the incident.

There's only one reasonable response to this. Hold him down and shit in his mouth.

That must've been one hell of a magnifying glass!

No, just an ordinary one will still set things on fire. I just hope OP was wearing something cotton since nylon tends to melt onto your skin.

DMA0712 22

You know you've got to get him back.

Hahaha!! I wish I could like this comment more than once!!

His logic would be that as per Pisslam all women should stay covered and never get exposed to outside world...Taking nap outside would be a SIN.

Because op was wearing a shirt obviously...

Sucks for you, but good for the kid! That's hard to do! Maybe next time should be on a non living target...

91hayek 31