By weeping_angel_ / Saturday 12 July 2014 14:00 / United States - Cortland
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If you could read, you'd understand I said I was going to assume there weren't any animal noises, so since it's not WEIRD, not to worry.
Good to see so many intellectuals about, though.
Holy Christ.


Wait a minute... If you know you're deaf, why would you have speakers on or connected? Unless they're built into your computer or you're trying to use them to get off like the woman radio caller in Private Parts, then YDI...

By  SadGirl18  |  16

That's deafinitely a sucky situation.

  temmera  |  16

Like #19 said it is reasonable to assume that OP has watched tv before even while deaf. My twin sister is deaf and every time she turns on her tv she puts it on mute.

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