By weeping_angel_ - 12/07/2014 14:00 - United States - Cortland

Today, I was watching adult videos in my apartment. I'm deaf, so I didn't realize my volume was at full blast until I put my hand over the speaker. FML
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I bet your neighbors enjoyed that;)

TorturedXeno 27

Did any of the videos involve a pizza man and a babysitter? Nevermind, you're not supposed to talk about it.


I bet your neighbors enjoyed that;)

NzaHaFML 13

If anything, leave your apartment next time in a cast. Might give them an explanation for all the moaning

Ohhh no.... Oh well. It isn't uncommon and it's not really a big deal. But I'm going to go ahead and assume there weren't any cows mooing or anything..

What... Where'd you get the cows?

football98_fml 20

At least you can't hear your neighbors cursing at you next time you see them

Why would they curse? This would totally make my day! So funny!!! ;-)

#90 can you message me please?

76, the cows were from another fml where the op overheard her sister having sex and it sounded like mooing (at least that's what it made me think of)

The neighbours probably thought he was watching women's tennis with all their grunts and groans!

If you could read, you'd understand I said I was going to assume there weren't any animal noises, so since it's not WEIRD, not to worry. Good to see so many intellectuals about, though. Holy Christ.

incoherentrmblr 21

Wait a minute... If you know you're deaf, why would you have speakers on or connected? Unless they're built into your computer or you're trying to use them to get off like the woman radio caller in Private Parts, then YDI...


That's deafinitely a sucky situation.

blazerman_fml 17

Definitely a STICKY situation!

No, stop it both of you!

blazerman_fml 17

Just trying to turn that frown upside down.Don't see what I did wrong there.Sorry if I offended you #17

ColonelCusswords 24

No keep going, this shit is funny

yupyupyuppity 5

Sometimes I like to squawk at egg cartons in grocery stores so little baby chickens will wreak havoc on customers


It was more of a "these puns suck, stop it!" I think.

Your "PUNS" are not amusing

Don't tell me how to live my life!

Now you've pun and did it. You made #17 angry. That's not punny of you!

TorturedXeno 27

Did any of the videos involve a pizza man and a babysitter? Nevermind, you're not supposed to talk about it.

I bet he was slapping her rear.

TorturedXeno 27

It all makes even more sense when you notice that OP's name indicates that he is an angel.

You sir are inspiration to the Supernatural fandom everywhere.

30, thats a doctor who reference, and it has nothing to do with actual angels.

jazmin3012 28

this is an example that everything is about Supernatural

You are fantastic this is why I love the supernatural fandom

This is why I hate the supernatural fandom. Back to Tumblr, all of you!

#51 UHH, you're talking about the WEEPING Angels, they mean Castiel.

Maybe the babysitter did something wrong

I just watched this episode the other dAy xD hahhaha the spn fandom rocks!

Is it weird that I watched that video about 1 hour ago?

#23 maybe she was doing something wrong

Drfucked 9

Or she.

You're a legend!

Supernatural on FML? This made my entire day.

How did a Doctor Who reference become a Supernatural one? I'd love an explanation :)

Ahhh Supernatural.. Riight?

Hope no one was around to hear that, or else they may be making some opinions of your video choices

I just wanna know why he has speakers... I'm kidding of course but still YDI.

thats ****** up

Maybe he's old school and watches DVDs on his tv?

Imagine what your neighbors were thinking lol xD

XDsmileyDX_fml 24

They were probably thinking he was watching ****...

Can someone explain why people clicked YDI?

Either a miss click or because they are jerks or they want the badge

It seems reasonable to assume this isn't the first time he's watched something while deaf

I'm deaf and that person knows better to check the volume in the first place lmao.

temmera 16

Like #19 said it is reasonable to assume that OP has watched tv before even while deaf. My twin sister is deaf and every time she turns on her tv she puts it on mute.

Good vibrations huh!!

The neighbors think you are either a creep or a stud

So it was a hands-on experience?

Cheesy puns gonna be cheesy I guess. Better build the bomb shelter.

If someone heard you who cares, you were in the privacy of your own home. It's not like you were in public now that would have been awkward.

Considering the volume of his TV or computer monitor, he's making his activities public.