By epiiphany - 16/12/2009 23:01 - United States

Today, my little brother got mad at me, so he colored the entire screen of my new iPod Touch with a black sharpie. FML
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Its glass. use heavy duty window cleaner. done.

DoomJeff91 2

Are you sure it's not turned off?


Its glass. use heavy duty window cleaner. done.

nerdgrl128 0

little bit of nail polish remover on a cotton ball repeatedly over and over, to not ruin the insides of ur ipod

lmao, thats pretty evil. but yea, i think nail polish remover works

nail polish does work if you do it over and over again my cousin did the same thing as a April fools joke... i beat the crap out of him, that was my joke back hahahaha...

i think u should just draw on it and make it look like it did before :D

Nail polish? Hell, just use some alcohol!

yup, rubbing alcohol works like a charm. i often buy used CD's from Half Priced Books and they generally have a number written on the jewel case written in permanent marker and I can always get it off with rubbing alcohol.

I've used Mr. Clean Magic Eraser in the past to clean things like that. Dry, of course. But it really does work amazingly well on fragile electronics.

nekosan09 0

Yeah, alcohol, nail polish remover, and dry erase markers are your best bet. I bring an EXPO to every install, in case i need to un-graffiti a fire alarm strobe(just ink the surface, let it dry, and wipe it off with a paper towel, or your finger.)

I'm not sure I would use something like a magic eraser because it works a lot more like a very fine sandpaper than a sponge. Stick with a gentle cloth/cotton ball and alcohol/polish remover.

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no she isnt then i am...i beat mt little brother up for breaking my brand new camera...haha

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******* kick his ass if my sister did that she would be shot in the face with a 45caliber

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no nail polish, if you use an ereasable marker over the sharpie it will wipe off easy. I'm one of nine kids. I know how to get stuff out.

this whole thing would've worked out better if you had a screen protector on it.

dry erase markers work best... sometimes I draw over the webcam camera just to change the color when I'm bored... color over it with a dry erase and it'll be all gone c:

Close, second. FAIL. OP, I've never had this problem so I guess try nail polish remover or Windex. As for your brother, kick him in the groin so hard that his testicles never descend or are forced to ascend.

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And all the ladies want to get in your pants when you put it in your pocket. Two birds, one stone.

not worth having to small that junk. bleck.

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Are you sure it's not turned off?

DoomJeff91 2

Anyone else feeling an FML orgy?

i think someone can tell the difference between their ipod being turned off and it being colored with black sharpie. either you dont have an ipod or youre a dummy...or both! smh

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Lol @ the last comment. SARCASM ON THE INTERNETS! Read by all, recognised by some, ignored by dimwits.

O these people take EVERY comment seriously... It's a bit sad...

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DoomJeff91 2

Disappointment makes me randy. I'm in the orgy mood again.

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Lmao you are funny ahah :P

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Try rubbing a dry erase marker on it and then wiping it off.

Just clean it... It's not perment you know...

f that kid. it's not permanant, but that kid is some kinda brat.

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use nail polish remover it will take all of it off no streaks or scratches hope this helps =)...btw fyl

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An alcohol- or acetone-based cleaner should take the marker right off. If it doesn't, try Windex. And your post reminded me again why I don't want to have kids. Most of 'em are unholy terrors.