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  nando92  |  0

nail polish does work if you do it over and over again
my cousin did the same thing as a April fools joke...
i beat the crap out of him, that was my joke back

  IgniteMe28  |  0

yup, rubbing alcohol works like a charm. i often buy used CD's from Half Priced Books and they generally have a number written on the jewel case written in permanent marker and I can always get it off with rubbing alcohol.

  Jules_fml  |  0

I've used Mr. Clean Magic Eraser in the past to clean things like that. Dry, of course. But it really does work amazingly well on fragile electronics.

  nekosan09  |  0

Yeah, alcohol, nail polish remover, and dry erase markers are your best bet. I bring an EXPO to every install, in case i need to un-graffiti a fire alarm strobe(just ink the surface, let it dry, and wipe it off with a paper towel, or your finger.)

  harmony88  |  0

I'm not sure I would use something like a magic eraser because it works a lot more like a very fine sandpaper than a sponge. Stick with a gentle cloth/cotton ball and alcohol/polish remover.

  ckydc  |  0

no nail polish, if you use an ereasable marker over the sharpie it will wipe off easy. I'm one of nine kids. I know how to get stuff out.


Close, second. FAIL. OP, I've never had this problem so I guess try nail polish remover or Windex. As for your brother, kick him in the groin so hard that his testicles never descend or are forced to ascend.

  EffYoLife  |  14

i think someone can tell the difference between their ipod being turned off and it being colored with black sharpie. either you dont have an ipod or youre a dummy...or both! smh

By  myfriend_youfail  |  3

An alcohol- or acetone-based cleaner should take the marker right off. If it doesn't, try Windex.

And your post reminded me again why I don't want to have kids. Most of 'em are unholy terrors.