By uglychick - Canada
Today, my brother came out of the shower and sat with my mom and me on the couch. He then says he liked the idea of the extra toothbrush in the shower, it helps him clean between his toes. I have been using that to brush my teeth for the last two weeks. FML
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  jmspin  |  0

don't be a shit head. just keep your tooth brush where the rest of them are kept and then grab it on your way in the shower and put it back when you get out

  KitUnreliable  |  0

It's only "my mom and me" if you're speaking with incorrect, bastardised American English. "My mom and I" is actually the more polite, grammatically correct version.

  fleg  |  9

rule of thumbs in this situation is: when in doubt, take the other person out of the sentence. if they take out the mom, it would be "..and sat with I on the couch." so it's incorrect. the politeness issue comes into play depending on who is mentioned first. putting the mom first is politely appropriate, but it should be "me" and not "i".

  Crazyging  |  0

I think it's 'My Mum and I' too. Just American punctuation is different to British punctuation. So in fact either everyone is right or everyone was PWNED


So, in British grammar you say "my brother sat with I on the couch"? They taught us in third grade that it's "and I" in the subject, "and me" in the predicate.

  jskibabe22  |  4

87 is right about that rule... Its definately my mom and me. And btw 83... You should learn english before telling people they have "bastarized english"


brushing your teeth in the shower is okay, but leaving your brush there is gross. and i don't really understand if you used a brush you found in the shower or if your brother found it in the shower, but gross!

  nikkiandyou  |  0

ugh, the BROTHER used a "random" toothbrush he found.
it was obviously hers/his for their teeth and the brother didnt know, so he used it for his feet.
ugh, if youre going to insult someone, at least make sure you read it right.


Ummm, I don't know what the hell your guys' problem is, but I was assuming that the OP was the one who put the toothbrush in the shower in the first place... and I don't get why you would think any different?

  freddyyy  |  0

Agreed. I'm thinking she put the toothbrush there herself. I don't see anything that leads otherwise, and unlike the majority of this site, I don't assume the worst of people.