By Idiots - Canada
Today, I was at a party when I got covered in the liquid from a glow stick. Thinking it wasn't a big deal I went to rub it off, but it stuck to my clothes. The cops came so everyone ran and hid in the bushes because we were all drunk. The cops arrested fifteen people because I glowed. FML
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  tpag3r  |  0

i would say be careful next time with glow because my friend needs glasses now because he got glow crap squirt in his eyes... and he cant taste stuff on the tip of his tongue so uhh YDI

  srhoa01  |  14

Well maybe someone called because of a noise disturbance, and since he was glowing they knew where he was hiding. So he was the reason 14 other people got caught.

By  PoeticPixie  |  0

Glowing isn't the crime. They were all drunk, and most likely underage, since there'd be no other reason to arrest them, and this person glowing alerted the cops to 14 people around him

  jmspin  |  0

they were underage because he said they "were all drunk" and if they were old enough they wouldn't have needed to run and hide in the bushes

  seanreddog  |  4

I'm pretty sure it wasn't his sticks' juice that he got on his face. Time for him to come out of the closet! 

Gay faggot 

(before you yell, a gay faggot is just a happy cigarette.)

By  degoe  |  0

You know that stuff is highly toxic and gives you cancer. Indeed I guess now your life is fckd!
. "It has been said that glow stick chemicals cause cancer;[8] the phenol produced is toxic, corrosive and a category 3 mutagen." check out wikipedia for mor FYL info.

  som_fml  |  0

I would worry, too.

Though it would be stupid to preach about how mysterious goo causes cancer, and then go outdoors in the sunshine, or use windex to clean a window, or eat highly processed foods, or spend time near computers, or sit on a flame-resistant couch, or paint, or....

  AAAAHHHH12  |  2

More like: Yeah, cause Wikipedia is the most reliable site on the web. Especially since Mr. Joe Schmoe can change history by writing a bunch of bullshit.

  JupiterPainon  |  17

Oh yes Wikipedia when you need a hard solid facts always reference Wikipedia, in fact I think you can get a med school diploma just by reading through the anatomy section of Wikipedia