Licence to drive

By Anonymous - 10/09/2009 06:19 - Australia

Today, after failing my learner's licence twice in the previous weeks, I finally passed. As I got home, I went for a drive with my dad. I smashed my mum's car into an old lady's fence and ended up in her backyard. FML
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probably the reason you failed twice.......i got 100% first gotta be really nice to the instructor

I'm kind of glad you live far far away from me! And how did you pass it?


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sucks for you!

amen to that. I got my L's on the first go, reds and greens.. It's not that hard, there's even a ******* practise test online. YDI for driving.

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You deserve it for thinking people know what an L is.

it's a learner's licence in australia. i failed my l's first time, but i hadn't read the book and came up against a question that hadn't come up in the practice tests. failing your l's has nothing to do with driving ability though. you obviously should not have been going that fast on your first day of driving.

wait so in austrailia you do a test to get a provisional (learners) licence well that suck

@98 The test for your Learners permit is so that you know the rules of the road. It makes a lot of sense to have to take that test!

probably the reason you failed twice.......i got 100% first gotta be really nice to the instructor

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This is a FAKE FML. Everyone knows that women arn't allowed to drive!

#43, she's from Australia, not Saudi Arabia. Maybe you are?

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Lol #43 you rock

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#43 youre an idiot.

god damn, nobody can take a joke anymore... oh wait, women are nobody, so it works pefectly!!!!

i bet you're pretty popular, 93.

ah frick. i meant 92.. but I'm sure you get the gist. women jokes don't bother me because i've come to realize that the only men who use them are very very single and very very lonely.

Nope, I am currently in a workplace of at least 16 married/partnered men who all use jokes against women, even my girlfriend says them when it comes to women's driving.

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Your attempt at a joke is pathetic considering it's not even half true

#2 in australia we don't have instructors to get our L's.

It's just a test on the computer in Victoria, so you don't have an instructor. It's pretty much just common knowledge.

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I'm kind of glad you live far far away from me! And how did you pass it?

Yeah, I'm kind of scared to know how he managed to get on the road. >_

All you have to do is answer some questions, it's realy easy. I'm suprised someone failed it twice.

To everyone going "well this is why you failed twice" or "how did you even get it": it was his/her LEARNERS permit. This means he/she took a THEORY test, NOT a practical one. It means he/she knows road rules, not how to operate a car!! I wouldn't say YDI, I'd say YFDI - Your Father Deserves It. What was he doing taking a first-time driver on a regular road?? Next time get him to take you to an empty parking lot or perhaps a new part of town- we have areas where there's construction going on but nobody lives there yet, so on the weekends those roads are deserted. FML to the kid who was driving - your father obviously didn't know what he was doing, and besides, there are fully licenced people out there who do equally stupid things.

@70My dad took me on the road for my first time driving. I drove to our local ski mountain and the village. I was fine. It's not the dads fault it's the driver. Op should have enough common sense to operate a car and find the break.

Perhaps you should think about getting a motorbike. At least you will hurt yourself more than anyone else when you crash. Either that or pay attention to the road instead of trying to open that beer on the dashboard.

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wtf is this "Ls" test ????

I too would like to know. License Test? Driving Exam? Oh.. Learner's? Must be an Australian thing?

It's a test you have to pass before you get your learner's licence

an L's (learners) test is the first license test in Australia, which if successful, allows you to start practicing driving with someone else in the car.

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It is an Aussie thing. Long version: Ls = Learner's Permit, age 16 (you have to drive with a fully licensed driver supervising you, can't do more than 80kph unless with a qualified driving instructor, have to display a "L plate" - a black L on a yellow square usually - front and rear). You're not allowed to put a car into motion on a public road without one of these. P1s and P2s = Provisional License, age 16 and a half (you can drive on your own, but there are still restrictions and you must display a "P plate" on P1 but not P2 - red P on white square in SA, think it's white on red in VIC) The "Ls test" is a *theory* test you have to sit prior to obtaining Ls, ie before you're even allowed to learn to drive. Short version is, the OP is only still learning to drive, he's not even allowed to drive on his own yet, it's probably more his dad's fault for pushing him too far on his first ever drive (best way to start is driving around a carpark at 10kph until you get used to the car).

In Victoria (where the OP is from) there are no speed restrictions placed on Learners (aside from the actual limit on the road sign) obviously. Which is awesome because people on Victorian L plates can overtake P platers from NSW. Win.

We can overtake anyone we want.

ngaw to all the non aussies who don't get this i read this and straight away i knew it would be all comments filled with fellow australians :) and how can you fail your L's twice ??? - theres a practice test which is EXACTLY the same as what you do at the RTA btw nsw rta is a bitch i had to do 120 hours - 100 day and 20 night and now i hear theyre changing it back to 50 FML

shit and i thought having to wait 6 months is bad. I only have to do 25 hours

is it even possible to fail your L's twice? all you have to do is read the book. luckily there's no driving involved because it obviously then would have taken the OP a lot more than 2 times to pass. btw, there's no L plater speed restrictions in vic, and you have to be 18 to get your red P's, then green after a year, for three years. i blame the dad though, clearly this kid should not be on the road.

I failed twice... but only because I didn't read the book. lol My parents were forcing me to take the test, but I wasn't interested in driving at the time. However, when they offered to pay for an instructor and give me one of the cars from my dads used car lot, I read the book and got 100%. lol

I failed the first time. I had non-English speakers taking the test on either side of me, both had translators, so the distraction level was massive! Not to mention I was squished into a space with 5 people that was only designed for 3 people :(

the rules differ from state to state: for example, in QLD you can't get your Ps til 17.

How about you UTFG. Wait, obviously you're incapable of doing so, so you won't know what 'UTFG' means anyway...

I have 100 hours, 90 day and 10 night. but o also have to hold my L's for a year :(

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Day of fail for you, huh

YOU LITTER PUNK, I WANT YOU TO GET OVER HERE AND FIX MY FENCE! LITTLE WHIPPER SNAPPERS THESE DAYS! lol but really thank god you live on the other side of the planet. Poor old lady....

I suggest a LOT of supervised practise over some time before going for your Ps

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Clearly you shouldn't be on the road