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Today, my mom realized we have been sharing tooth brushes because they are similar colors. I told her it doesn't really matter since we're mother and daughter. She responded by saying that she loves me, but she has no idea where my mouth has been, and she doesn't want my diseases. Thanks mom. FML
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She has a point, who knows what has been in your mouth!

whether you're related or not, you still have germs! that's nasty!



She has a point, who knows what has been in your mouth!

I agree with that. Sharing toothbrushes is quite nasty, too much bacteria. though on a scientific note, we have so much bacteria on us, that technically we are 90% bacteria. i just love how our immune systems are so great haha

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why this isn't in intimacy section? ROFL

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That is disgusting. Why would you not care if you brushed your teeth with your mom's tooth brush. It can go both ways you don't know where her mouth has been either. And to know that you had stinky breath and used the toothbrush and your mom did too. Ewww haha.

depending on your mom but I would laugh if my daughter would have said "damn you herd I like cum out of mud puddles"

OP's Mom's right, she was probably kidding around when she said diseases but you still have no idea how much germs are living on your tooth brush. The human mouth is just as dirty as the common dog; knowing this, would you want to be putting something that was in someone else's mouth into your own?

by order of elimination OP has tasted her own fathers ****! enjoy!

Elimination ? That doesn't make any sense in the context of the statement

Actually, only roughly 1% of your body weight is bacteria. Just a fun fact.

whether you're related or not, you still have germs! that's nasty!

she's totally right, just because you share genetic makeup doesn't mean you can't pass on your diseases! Blurgh :s

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eww you shouldnt share toothbrushes with anyone.. family member or not :X

The mouth is one of the dirtiest places of the human body. Personally I don't blame her. Would you want your daughter's saliva in your mouth? Please don't answer the above question if you're into "Wincest". Ugh.

Good to know your mum has confidence in you. You should have replied in kind. However, if you're both clean, it won't matter because she won't catch anything from you now you've both gone back to your own toothbrushes, which you might want to mark the handle of one or something.

yeah you probably should mark your toothbrush.

it just makes me wonder..i wonder where MOM'S mouth has been

If you're both clean, sure, whatever, if you happen to accidentally share a toothbrush it shouldn't matter. But, then you think about how much plaque you're actually brushing off your teeth, and how much may be left behind on the brush, and then you realize that you don't want that kind of gunk from your family member's mouth brushed into yours.

Well, there is that Steph. However, don't most people rinse the toothbrush off? I mean, I know it's not perfect, but it'll get a decent amount of stuff off it.

it's rinsed off, but I still cringe at the idea. I don't know... maybe I'm the only one who thinks that way.

Well, fair enough, I suppose it's personal preference. Just to me some accidental sharing isn't that big of a deal.

Makes me wonder where YOUR mouth has been... o_0

I'd agree with the mom on this one. Most germs are in the mouth, and so you and her are taking both amounts of the most of your germs in one area and sharing it. Besides, you shouldn't be so sensitive so something like that.

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So, where has your mouth been?

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she just doesn't want you to find out she gave you some.