By gross / Saturday 2 May 2015 18:39 / Canada - Ottawa
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  Oh_bother44  |  11

Sometimes that's not the issue though- my mom and brother shared a toothbrush unknowingly for a month because each thought they had the yellow toothbrush (meanwhile the red one sat unused). Then my brother went on a trip and my mother was wondering where her toothbrush went.

  Oh_bother44  |  11

I've never had to buy a toothbrush- my family uses whatever the dentist gives us at our visits. So if he gives me blue when my old toothbrush was green- now I've got blue. Keeping a strict color system doesn't always work

  dbt88  |  15

Or get a couple single-brush holders. That's what my brother and I have always done. My stuff was on the left side of the sink and his on the right.

  Ichiya  |  29

Just a warning but unless you put the lid down on your toilet before you flush, it will send little poop flecks throughout the bathroom. These flecks will probably land on any uncovered toothbrushes. Now you get poop in your mouth when brushing. Not a pleasant thought.

  annarcheer  |  19

You never know what he does with his mouth let alone the stuff he has on his teeth. I wouldn't be okay with using my brothers toothbrush. I am not even okay with using his bath puff or other hygiene products that he uses to clean his body and teeth.

  mimi_animee  |  18

Same thing happened to my brother and I, though we had different coloured tooth brushes. He thought that the orange one was his and the green was mine, when it was the opposite. Let's just say we were both very surprised when he saw me using "his" tooth brush..

  bibble27  |  9

Imagine if just years went by but they kept buying the same exact toothbrush and never noticed until one moved out. That's the sort of thing I think about.

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