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Today, as I was walking with my boyfriend, holding hands, a woman began screaming at us about how we "f*ggots" are "ruining America." I'm a girl. FML
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More like- people like her are ruining America and the rest of the world.

Yeah and it is certainly a joy to have angry old hags like her walking around criticizing everything she witnesses.


Maybe she didn't have her dignity on. Or maybe she's just a waste of oxygen. Ooh, the mystery... [Didn't see #12 when I commented, sorry]

Why would that matter? She's a judgmental asshole regardless of whether she has her glasses on or not. Nobody should have to put up with insults and screaming strangers just for holding hands with their loved ones. :(

I'm with 29 on this one. OP, just know your man is proud to be with you so **** hateful comments such as the one in your post. I'd hate to be seen with such a judgemental person in public. If I was with someone, who made a hateful comment, I'd apologize to the person(s) they just verbally bashed and no longer talk to that judgemental person anymore.

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You do know she called you a Welsh Spicy Meatball right?

Well, as long as you know that the real reason idiots.

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I don't understand what you're trying to say here..

I was trying to say: As long as you know the real reason are idiots like here. Didn't go as planned for some reason.

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I think it's time to stop trying.

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Shhh, I think it's trying to communicate.

#95, I say give her another shot, when she sobers up.

107 Thanks. Your pic and your comment... Best belly laugh I have had all week! :)

More like- people like her are ruining America and the rest of the world.

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I agree, if 2 people love one another isn't that enough?

people and their "swag" ruining everything everywhere. but once we all get old we'll say the same thing, while hovering around in some cool ass boots or something lol

*sprays 98 with white foam* Aw heeelllllll no! This is not about to turn into a flame war. While wishing death is a bit much, you're a total hipocrite in rebutting them. You criticize them for being unaccepting of ideas, but then you morph into a different person and call their ideas "cancer". Seriously, dude? Oh GREAT, I accidentally upvoted you. *facedesk*

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It's not so much "faggots" that are ruining the the world, but more like the ignorant, close-minded, and judgmental.

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Nope. OP doesn't have to be flat-chested to be confused for being male.

Or just be a little fat and have boobs that look more like man ****.

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#4 she could have just been wearing a heavy jacket. I know plenty of girls with decent sized boobs that look flat in thick clothing. Also, what's so wrong with having small boobs?

Nothing's wrong with it, but it would explain why she was mistaken for a boy at first glance.

If only my code would work for people like this. Damn you father!

Yeah and it is certainly a joy to have angry old hags like her walking around criticizing everything she witnesses.

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Maybe she thought your boyfriend was a girl. You never know!

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Why must you be such a bundle of sticks?

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America with their idiots and stubborn cultural issues intensified by media and state religion that has been so far pushed out of context and truth... ohhh America.

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This is a rather simplistic and factually inaccurate viewpoint. There are many "western" countries with far worse bigots.

21, I don't know about other western countries having worse bigots. We have the Westboro Baptist Church. There's no outdoing them.

And the new Argentinian one at that. Does anyone else remember where the nazis fled to?

This is a problem all over the world, you'll find people like this anywhere :( the other side is that you can find awesome people anywhere too!

Lol YOU'RE the idiot to call all Americans that. We're leading in rights for gays as well as many other problems this world is facing at the moment. Just because some people are like that, doesn't mean all are. Do you see me generalizing and making fun of Germans, calling them all nazis? Nope. Why? Because I actually have a brain. -__-

America doesn't have a state religion. The whole "freedom of religion" thing was one of the basic tenets of its founding.

The pro-gay agenda is a depopulation technique by the machine.

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The Pope is a bigot? Because he is a Christian with his owns beliefs?

97, I think you're the retarded one... "America is leading in gay rights and other issues." Let's see. Homosexuals are rejected and ridiculed, as well as Atheists, Muslims, Jews, black people, Asian people, etc. Let's all completely disregard Canada, Sweden, Hungary and most of the European Union as well as others!

Check the facts before you try to sound smart. Just because a few people have issues with different people, doesn't mean the majority does. And yes, actually, America is leading in those rights... And you're also a hypocrite. Calling someone "retard" is just as bad as calling someone a "f*ggot" I know I'm not retard, and you also know that, but just think how offensive that is to someone who actually is retarded. That's like using Asian or black as an insult. In summery, think before you speak. It will save all of us a little time and save you some embarrassment. (:

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Lady! Why u no recognize boy and girl!? (insert meme here)

#9, Y U NO MAKE FUNNY JOKE? ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

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She must be Professor Oak's daughter.

No people like her are ruining America! People like her and my mother are so judgmental and ready to scream their opinions. My ma even yells at the tv. Ignore them OP, if I were you I would've bitch slapped her and said "girl power!" Or something corny just to piss them off.

I agree with your feeling of outrage, however I find it difficult to bitch slap someone and ignore them at the same time.

Yeah, my mother is like that too. Normally I am greeted with the utterance of "QUEERS!!!!! QUEERS!!!!! QUEERS!!!!" I've been in many an argument trying to persuade her to see that she's being a hateful bitch.

Sounds like my mom too, she yells at random people who just sound different and make fun of them even if they are or not -.- (sorry had to edit this stupid ipod didnt finish what i typed)