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  grumpybarista  |  0

Since we don't know any more than her side of it, it could just as easily be her being needy and manipulative, with a side of over-reaction to boot. I know, it's a rare trait in teens, but still...

  joshijosh  |  0

Thanks #47!
i like your back, considering its the only thing i see. ...and your hair, umbrella, rocks. haha LOL well i like evrrything, unless its gross or pizza.

  locura1991  |  0

if it was twilight then you would have fallen and maybe scrapped your hand a little and your boyfriend would have unnecessarily taken off his shirt, thrown it to the ground and picked u up and walked away. everything he does requires taking off his shirt of course.

and above, I like your back too ;)

  joshijosh  |  0

ROFL. no problem! ...and yeah it looks so smooth and fine.
well about pizza, i eat it but im not a fan. haha

Besides that, why the hell do i have so many thumbs down. Man i guess girls really support their twilight guys. oh well.

  EddieK91  |  5

O_o Oddly enough my name is Edward. >.> Though I'm not her boyfriend. If I were! I'd laugh while helping her up and then accuse her of being a klutz...then laugh some more. >.> Not because I'm being an ass...but to get her to laugh too.

And yes! Signs of an abusive relationship. Dump him asap.


#9 I agree 100%-Break up with that jerk LOUDLY, making a huge scene. Show him what "embarrassing" really means and before you storm off, let him know "that" is the difference between embarrassing someone and accidentally falling down.

  StonesAya  |  0

I have to say, this is a great idea. You just need the right place and time, like at a nice restaurant. Yeah, invite him out to a fine restaurant, order the lobster and a nice bottle of wine and enjoy. As you finish, stand up and put it to him then turn and walk out, leaving him the grandiose check. LOL!!!!

By  perdix  |  29

Marry him!

If you were with a guy who cared if you were OK and helped you up, you'd have no motivation to be more careful, in fact, you might fall on purpose to get the attention and sympathy. This guy will make you stronger and drive you to become more coordinated.

  IRULE010  |  13

You're very good at seeing between the lines and thinking outside of the box Perdix.

Can I just say that it's always a pleasure to read your comments, I often enjoy them more than the FML itself.

Thank you for making my day that little bit brighter.

In reply to the FML, I think some people are overreacting by saying 'dump him!! He must be Satan to be that much of an ass!!'. Unless this is a regular thing and he is indeed a control freak, then he cannot be judged so harshly on one single incident.

That seems to be a problem with today's society. As a people, we are too judgemental and too fast to jump the gun.

  perdix  |  29

Thank you, IRULE, but I hope you know I am being facetious. I just enjoy the challenge of going against the unanimous sentiment of all the comments before me.

In reality, I'd advise the OP to let her boyfriend know that his behavior is unacceptable. She may or may not dump him, but she should let him know that he is walking on thin ice (even as she'd slip and fall on her clumsy ass on said ice ;) )

Thanks for your good words!