By random person - United States
Today, I finally got my laptop back after my friend broke it a few weeks ago. As I walked back into our place with my laptop in my bag, the same friend burst out and tackled me. My bag fell and slammed into the floor. Guess who has to pay for another repair. FML
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  Damian95  |  16

You gotta admit his friend sounds pretty fun though.

  MilkyFilmz  |  26

Why not both?

  KiddoKS  |  19

At this point, I think the friend should spring for a new one. It sounds like op had to pay the first time, plus I wouldn't trust its reliability anymore.

By  MsConfusedd  |  27

I don't know how your friend broke it before, but they probably didn't know it was in the backpack. Still it would be nice if they offered to pay for at least part of the damage

  Keystonematt  |  9

why would you make an excuse for the jerk? who cares if he didn't know the laptop was in there? its very stupid, childish, and irresponsible to tackle someone who is carrying anything. judging by your comment I imagine you can relate to that kind of behavior.


He could've been more careful about it, but If the friend did it I'm assuming OP plays along in different circumstances. I do similar shit, but usually when they aren't carrying or near things that can break.

  queerdragon  |  20

#62: I don't care what someone thinks is funny. I have been pushed into too many pools and had my phone destroyed to take "tackling" jokes and seeing them as funny.