By Eva - 13/02/2011 09:32 - France

Today, my boyfriend woke me up by playing with the string of my tampon. FML
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I guess he was trying to play tug-o-war with your ******.


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what was op dreamin as she woke up?

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your not supposed to sleep with tampons in- you can get toxic shock syndrome and die :/

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168. that's actually not true. It use to be bad but it's not anymore. As long as you change it regularly your chances of getting TS are slim to none.

you sleep with a tampon in ? isn't that dangereous ?

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not anymore. and it would be nasty to bleed on you bed!

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I sleep with a pad and use tampons during the day.

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Never ever ever sleep with Tampon.

lol I was first for both of the options to vote for

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because sometimes it's one of those situations where your like, oh that sucks for you but you deserve it.

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Personally I think FMl should have a third option: "I don't see the problem".

She deserves it because you shouldn't sleep in a tampon. I always get worried about tss...

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It must be nice not having to sleep with a tampon on at night. I need both pads and tampons throughout the week or it'll be a bloody morning.

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Really? You're? Is this what humanity has come to?

honestly man, dont expect people on the internet to be able to spell correctly. but i fully agree. internet shorthand has ruined the up-and-coming generation.

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#4 ur a dick for having that as your picture,,

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#4 clearly can't take a joke and seems very young IMO

your an idiot, do you even know where this picture is from?

I'm pretty sire a string looks nothing like a penis, do I don't think he was mistaken. you are stupid for thinking that.

I'm pretty sure it was a joke. You're stupid for not realizing it.

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I'm pretty sure she was being a smartass. You're a failure for not understanding.

I think you need a few more years of development in the womb.

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lay off.. it was a frggn typo I'm sure. the u and I are right next to each other. geez. I've made typos before and when I went to repost with my correction, I couldn't because of the anti-flood crap.. so I just say screw it, since I don't feel like waiting.

This is disgusting! I would dump him immediately!!

...sometimes I wonder why some people just seem to be unable to keep a relationship. I guess I now know the reason. OP, you wake up because he played with that string? What the hell was he doing then? Pulling it out and sticking the whole thing back in?

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you can sleep with a tampon in...

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You can, but you could also get TSS from it. Idiot...

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you can also get hit by a car by crossing the street... should we avoid that too? there's nothing wrong with sleeping in a tampon. biology 101 retake it.

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sorry sleeping with a tampon in... clearly not sleeping in a tampon

@#83 it depends how long you keep it in, 'idiot'. if you're having a nap or sleeping for less than 9 hours, it's pretty safe as long as you practice good hygiene.

I think I, as a man, learned a lot more than I should've, today.

you can sleep with a tampon in you just cant leave it in more than 8 hrs but I'd watch leaving it in too long if your flows real heavy.

I agree with 104. I'm not on FML at 1:43 AM to take a night class on tampon usage.

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90- No, actually, it isn't safe. Good hygene helps to some extent, but a lot of the time it isn't enough. You should change your tampon every couple of hours. Keeping it in for an extensive amount of time (4-8 hours) is unsafe.

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wth u are obviously not a female. stfu about things u know nothing about. dumbass.

LOL seriously? A boy like that is a keeper. Have fun keeping a relationship.

Biology 101? How about having B.S in Biology with plenty of microbiology experience and being a med student? It is NOT safe to sleep with tampon in. WHY on Earth would you want dead tissue to be stuck there for the whole NIGHT? If she's bleeding so much she can't wear pads because they would leak, it's an extra safety concern because there is even more dead tissue than average there. If she is not a heavy bleeder, she can wear a pad fine without staining anything. There is a reason menstrual blood stinks you know. If my bf told me to wear tampon at night bc it's cleaner, I would tell him to frak himself. It's a day-only invention!

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172 - I don't bleed all that heavily, but pads are EXTREMELY uncomfortable in my opinion, and I sleep with a tampon in every night that I'm on my period. There is always the risk of TSS, but, like zowie said, there's always the risk of getting hit by a car when crossing the street, too. I'm gonna go ahead and say that the advice from my gynocologist is pretty reliable, and for the 6 to 8 hours of sleep I get at night, it's not that big of a deal.

#144. It'd be a morning class then, wouldn't it? :-)

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104: Thanks for lightening the mood. Your comment made me lol. 172: If my obgyn who spent about 8 more years in school and studies a particular focused part of the body and focuses on issues like this says it's ok and the box says change every 4-6 hours or whatever and I'm doing that WTF does it matter whether or not I'm sleeping? You're going to bleed less anyway when you're sleeping. Btw, trying to throw out your BS degree is not impressive.

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Purplecowchik, I love you. Your picture is amazing. Go Caps!

172- I sleep with a tampon in every night that I'm on my period. It's too heavy not to, I even have to wear a pad at the same time (not just at night, everyday i'm on my period.) it's not unhealthy to have a heavy menstrual cycle, some of us just have crappy luck.

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86 do you sleep in a tampon?