By knockedup - 13/02/2011 10:00 - Australia

Today, I had to say a deep sincere speech on assembly in front of the whole college on the recent floods in Queensland. Instead of saying "We are Queenslanders, when we get knocked down, we get back up" I stumbled and said "We are Queenslanders, when we get knocked up..." FML
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"...we go down instead"? I need details damnit!

cause there's nothing else to do in Gladstone.


Not really an fml. How do these stupid fmls keep getting posted?

Actually this one is pretty embarassing id be embarassed if it happend to me

naa i do not think this is an fml, an fml would be like -today, i went to swim, thinking i had my swimsuit on, i took my pants off, i realized i i dididn't have my swimsuit when a little girl started to scream,fml

on a side note Queensland does have the highest dole rate lol.

and Gladstone had the highest rate of teenage pregnancy a few years ago

cause there's nothing else to do in Gladstone.

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ain't never gonna keep me down.

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did they cheer? did they boo? did you die? thanks for telling half a story!


on FML its never a full story... are you new?

YDI for quoting Three Days Grace. I assume after that, you didn't want to stand above the crowd?

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Thats not an Fml, thats hilarious!

"when we get knocked up... we squirt.."