By sorrystupid - 02/06/2015 07:42 - United States

Today, a man tried to mug me. I actually apologized to him for not having my wallet on me. FML
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That's okay. Just wrote him an I.O.U. for 1 free mugging and call it even Stevens.


Or maybe Tom Hiddleston?

My thought exactly. I'm a Canadian and that guy was way too polite for me

It's "eh." Thank you.

How did that get buried? That's funny.

My first question too

Even Canadians have our limits. The appropriate response in this situation is "Geez, take off eh?"

I'm Canadian... And to be completely 100% honest, I say sorry for EVERYTHING. No matter what, it's just something you learn in Canada. It's practically common courtesy to say sorry for something even if it's not your fault. If you're really rude, most people will think you're not from around here.

you beat me to it

Because obviously Canadians cant live in the US right?

I see I commented before you -- sorry, bud!

At least you meant well!

I'm not sure wether OP is lucky or not on this occasion.

well, he apperently wasn't hurt and he hasn't lost any money, how could you not decide?

Well definitely not American! USA USA !

what.. the.. fuck? calm your ass down bro.

Don't be that guy.

That's okay. Just wrote him an I.O.U. for 1 free mugging and call it even Stevens.

Hey, mommy always said that manners will save your life!

Considering your comment AND username, you don't need to be on FML

At least nothing bad happened to you. Thank God for that man.

it's pretty normal you were scared

I can just imagine this going down and the mugger just sitting there like "this is awkward...." then dashing off into the night.

At least nothing happened to you OP!