By Anonymous - 27/01/2013 22:44 - Canada - Rosetown

Today, after making love to my boyfriend for the first time, he shook my hand and said, "Good job." FML
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Grab his penis, shake it and say "You too."

Well, you must have done a good job then.


Well, you must have done a good job then.

Like a sir.

Yeah. Be happy. Apparently you did good.

be thankful it was a sigh and "I've had better"

OP Why are you complaining when half the people on this site are perma-virgins lol..

First of all 49 I believe you meant wasn't. Secondly at least he is honest with you and straightforward. Would you rather have a lying man whore or him op?

Lucky OP.The first time I lost my virginity the girl cried and turned her life around and became a doctor. Still single.

80- wait a second, you can lose your virginity more than once?

Well I used to have a pet hamster named virginity. She was an escape artist. Darn thing got lost so many times. Needless to say, yes you can lose your virginity more than once.

OP - Learn how to take a compliment.

Only if you're a Vampire... #80 are you a vampire?

How is this an FML if the OP's boyfriend is classy enough to shake hands, and she did a good job?! I feel like that's an achievement.

#1- I swear those exact words ran through my head when I red this. You deserve to be #1.

This is going to be a moment when he looks back and smacks his head and thinks"... Really? I told her good job? I'm such a loser."

84- Don't you remember the past FML where a dude's girlfriend didn't have her hymen broken after sex?

I don't understand why this is an FML..?

And losing your virginity a second time went better for you,

Congrats you deserve it

Indeed, doing a good job always pays off!

He could have given her a a balloon say congrats or good job(like in no strings attached)

At least he didn't say "you suck" or "bad job"....

She probably DID suck though. And well.

Man, OP is lucky. When I lost my virginity, it was more like "wow if I was on acid right now, your bra would be so mesmerizing... Wanna smoke more.... K now get out of my house" Not a romantic experience altogether

Why would have sex with an ass hole like that?

I think OP Had sex with hancock. Good job!

This may be one of the only FMLs where deserving it doesn't necessarily mean a bad thing.

119, that guy sounds like and immature asshole. Sorry.

Maybe I need to read this a few more times before I get it...

Yeup. Read it a couple more times and it did the trick. Im stupid.

There is neigh way I would ever eat horse cheese. cheese? Is that even applicable to ANY situation?

Some one asks you to pass the horse cheese while you eat dinner with a family that likes horse cheese...there, I applied it

I didn't even know horse cheese was a thing...

Grab his penis, shake it and say "You too."

If you think someone made a good comment then give her/him a thumbs up. There is no need to say "awesome!" Or "good one!" The thumbs say it all.

That's funny. I'll comment "LOL" so they'll know I laughed.

67 do you even lift?

Spin his penis like an airplane propeller, smile at it, and then say "good job"!

You lost your "h"! Oh no! You better find it before it gets stepped on and broken!

4, that was pretty funny, you are very clever!

At least didn't smack your butt and say, good game

haha good point

Kind of the same thing...I don't think I'd like to hear "good job" or "good game" after sex.

14. Shaking hands is better than smacking a butt. It's more respectful, too.

#102, I totally agree with your statement. But, I wasn't saying either one of those comments are respectable, I was stating that a hand shake or slap on the ass aren't anything you want to experience after sex.

117- i dunno, i personally like a high five or a cheeky smack on the bum after sex. but that might just be me

That's exactly what my fiancee does to me! I don't mind though. I know she's kidding.

Well, take it as a compliment! You did a good job... not a lot of people can do that well.....

Then pat his penis in return and say, "Sorry, but we weren't impressed with your job performance and have decided not to keep you on long term."

Pay a compliment with an insult?

And why pat him on the penis? That is not comparable to a handshake.. It's not like he smacked her in the clam....

Whole new meaning to YDI!

"YDI" as in, she deserved the praise for good performance, I'm guessing.

I don't know why #9 is getting thumbed down. They're basically saying you deserve it for doing a good job. For the first time YDI for something good

@61 What the fuck is your picture of?

@90 Two ears pretending to be lips.

90 it's 2 guys pretending their ears are vaginal lips.

Um I don't get why this is a FML, is it a bad thing that he told you that you did a good job?

At least he acknowledges you and doesn't just go to sleep

How many have done you wrong, 12?

Well I'm guessing 27