By tigerisabelle - 06/02/2014 03:39

Today, after years of counseling and therapy for my anger issues, I snapped. Two words: Flappy Bird. FML
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Hey guys, OP here. I did not know how damaging Flappy Bird was to the brain until my friend convinced me to play it, and it's been a downhill road ever since. I literally smashed into the first pipe 40 times in a row, and got more frustrated every time. So I'm supposed to count to ten when I'm feeling "irrational rage" but instead, I just pressed start. (oops...) I threw my phone through a window. The phone is shockingly okay, except it still has Flappy Satan. Yeah, that game is straight from the depths of hell.

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It's okay! We all hope that bird burns amongst the depths of hell.


Hulk smash something and then ease your way back to relaxation and tranquility.

How about hulk not smash about hulk learn self-control....maybe also not be so green. And invest in larger sized clothes. In all seriousness though that game is evil. Pure evil.

its just practice, youll get better at it...if your huge green thumbs dont pose a problem

After the 12th set of pipes, it restarts. No lie. My high score is 40.

Llama_Face89 33

#63 I think that might be a glitch cause I have friends whos high score is 100+

Rainhawk94 27

Uhhhhhh mines 2. Where are these gods of which you speak?

#23 you managed to get more down votes than the actual thread you were insulting. Congrats.

My high score is also 2! That game is horrible!

shaww 28

He beat his high score... But now to beat the new high score

Yeah I almost broke my phone when I died at 103!!

It's okay! We all hope that bird burns amongst the depths of hell.

Or gets stuck in a 5 hour class on Tree Anatomy

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Have you guys tried squishy bird? Much more fun. Plus, you get revenge on that little ******.

SadisticStephyy 21

According to Flappy Bird's Facebook, Flappy's parents died and the game is about teaching a baby bird to fly...

Oh dear god.. you have every right to go smash something

You kind of bring it upon yourself by playing a game that is made to be frustrating so you keep playing.

joeyl2008 29

Yeah I don't understand why people keep playing it.

ChristianH39 30

I think it took me an hour to beat my high score of 5

yes, but once youve played once you cant help but keep playing!

I played it for like 10 minutes and got to 7 before I declared it was stupid and deleted it

First try 6, thought it was retarded, deleted it. simple as that..

Haha OP. Dont feel bad. I finally just made it to 15! Not much but lol at least it's fun.

Fun!? It's the definition of hell but so damn addictive!


15 is my highest too. I almost got 16 but I was a fraction too late on the touch

i don't see what's so frustrating about it i got 27 rarely get a new high score and its usually up by one but whatever its just a meaningless game

It's really frustrating, but I got 66.

I got to 42 after screaming at my phone for hours

shortyone94 5

I feel like a loser...mines 140. .# nolife

You guys...i got up to 30 a few minutes after commenting! Lmao this damn game is a pain in the ass. Lol

Lasagnaa 24

I got 27 too and it took me forever just getting to 5! I got lucky because I haven't gotten near 27 ever since lol

Why do people do this to themselves? They were already warned that this game would drive them over the edge!

Curiosity. I haven't played it, but i keep hearing about it so much that now I'm tempted to just to see what the hell everyone is talking about :)

Save yourself the frustration and DON'T PLAY THE GAME!

I can't get past the first pipe. I threw my phone

Zimmington 21

Flappy Bird really isn't that frustrating if you remember IT'S JUST A GAME

It's not just a game. It's a threat to our nation.

Deezknutz 8

Well atleast you didn't snap playing iron pants. That game isn't even possible to enjoy.

Iron pants is so, so, so, evil. I got to 20 and I don't even know how. It's like Flappy Bird's psychotic cousin.