By Anonymous - 13/12/2009 05:19 - United States

Today, I let my boyfriend finger me for the first time. Today, I also learned, after fifteen very, very long minutes of it, how to fake an orgasm. FML
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Maybe you should guide him rather than faking an orgasm which is lame. It would be the best option for both of you.

if it's his first time too, give him a break!


1st! Oh yeah and ur man is lame.

Through no fault of the man's some women have trouble reaching orgasm in certain ways. I know of a woman who was molested as a child and can now only reach an orgasm when she is on top! Its not real fair for her hubby but its just the way things go. Dont Fake, your partner then thinks he's done a good job and will probably want to do it again and again and again.... Its just better to tell the truth and say 'how about I help'

Uhhh fifteen minutes......was he prodding you?

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hah shouldn't the girl be on top all the time? Remember: Having sex is like doing fractions, it's improper for the larger one to be on top. - Bo Burnam

YDI for faking - how are men supposed to know what we like if a) we don't guide them and b) FAKE? wtf?

why do girls think they have to fake? most men don't care if u finish or not.

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Haha your lameeeeee.

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wow that is a long time. yeah I learned how to fake it the first time I had sex, veryyy easy!!! since then ive had to fake it a few times but It works every time :D but it's better not to fake it, just tell him what he's doing wrong and he'll fix it. otherwise he'll think you like it andd continue doing it wrong.

84 is sexy... oh, and op, I don't get y u can't get an orgasm from fingering. it's so good. although, I've heard guys kinda suck at it.

the next thing you should learn is not to fake it

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87- maybe he was new to it too? FYL op, that sucks.

insensitive bitch

#87 thts cus most guys just stick their Fingers in and think its perfect they don't do any teasing or go slow if u go slow my GF said it's better

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if it's his first time too, give him a break!

His first time fingering her, not fingering

Maybe you should guide him rather than faking an orgasm which is lame. It would be the best option for both of you.

Do you not think that OP sounds quite young? As in thats the kind of way you would word it when you were a teenager and therefore if she hasn't explored herself then she's not going to know exactly what she likes anyway. Plus i agree sometimes you have to fake it just to get them to stop! Then you work on it next time.

Why not be honest with one another? You never HAVE to fake it.

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lmao I love how you say you "Let him" as if he was the only one wanting to do it. Isn't that the same as a guy saying they "LET" a girl give them a handjob or something? lmao

No- obviously the boy was pressuring her, and didn't even know what he was doing.

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Obviously? You were there? :P Why would he pressure her to let him finger her? Like really? o_O'

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cuz once you do one thing he'll ask for something else. duh

i got pressured to be fingered, so yes, it does happen

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for some reason guys like to finger girls but some girls, such as myself, don't enjoy it, but will go along with it to make their boyfriends happy

#63 Same here. Not fun. Really hurt.

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I also got pressured.

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same here

I was pressured 2...not fun

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What is this? A finger rape support group?

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get used to faking it

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Really? I guess I just took the easy way out by taking responsibility for my own pleasure and informing my boyfriend what feels good and what doesn't. To think, I could be faking my orgasms instead of having real ones like a sucker...

#29 you rock.

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#29 is a real woman. Don't boost our egos, if we're trying, we WANT to pleasure you. I don't think I've ever had a girl fake an orgasm. Why? Because the first girl I ever did anything with wasn't an idiot who just faked it.

Let me try! Bet I can do a better job. ;p

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yeah.. doubt it.

lmao, oh dear. Give him this step by step guide for next time.. 1. Rub your clit

LOL made me laugh. :)

lololol so true

But not too hard. At least not at first...

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Maybe you should tell him what to do instead of bitching about it on the internet. He could get some tips from someone else, sure, but no one can tell him what you like but you.

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@8 Wow. So, since he didn't know what he was doing, it was his fault? Maybe the girl wanted it, and the guy went along with it to make her happy. Goddamn, people need to take another look at the coin before making judgements.

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Calm down , she's just talking about sex . There is no reason to get hostile .