By Anonymous - United States - Las Vegas
  Today, I thought I had carbon monoxide poisoning because I had the symptoms and my detector was going off. I called the fire dept, they checked me, they checked my apartment. My apartment is fine; I'm just out of shape, have high blood pressure, and don't know how to work simple electronics. FML
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By  sunnyskys  |  25

well at least you okay and your house is not slowly killing you.... but YOU really must learn how to plug your blender in right because a good smoothy is never out of the question lol what did the fire fights notice you av jack wasn't plunged into the back of the TV correctly???? I guess they have eye...oh well be safe and try not to feel sick


What does his TV have anything to do with… ? He doesn't understand how to work the alarm. Some fire alarms start wailing when the battery is almost out, without smoke or fire.

  starile  |  19

#18, TVs and blenders have nothing to do the post. The point of him saying he can't work simple electronics is most likely an alarm was beeping, which is why he thought he was getting carbon monoxide poisoning, which is why he wrote the FML. It's simple sense, not assuming. What you said made absolutely no sense.