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Today, after going down on my boyfriend, we were cuddling and I went to kiss him. Just before I could reach his lips, he ran his finger over my mouth and whispered, "S-s-s-semen." FML
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If a guy won't kiss a girl after she goes down in him, he doesn't deserve a BJ.

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What's long, hard, and filled with seamen? A SUBMARINE!!! :D


I fully agree with him. no guy wants to taste his own life juice. it's like you going down on him right after he pulled out of you, would you like that?

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no he meant **** ... she must have had sticky lips

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This is Richard, but we called him, Bid Dick. Big Dick was a Seaman!

well you were sloppin all over his stuff

TaylorTotsYumm 10

What's long, hard, and filled with seamen? A SUBMARINE!!! :D

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holy shit !! what is with all these whiny ass op's that have no sence of humor ? he was stating to obvious , be cute lick it off give him a cute smile and try again .

YDI. now go to the kitchen and make a sammich to make up for it.

#14 I still go down on my bf after he pulls out... no big deal... it's fun, we try different things.. we're human an he'll kiss me after.. like after he goes down on me he'll kiss me.. what's soo bad about it? we're both clean...

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Lol I Would Do The Same, No Guy Wants 2 Taste Dick Juice

tbf in the heat of the moment I have just kissed back but I see what he means :)

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My husband kisses me too. not open mouth tongue kisses but still. just like I wouldn't reject a peck kiss from him after he went down on me...It's not like I'm wiping full on cum off my face onto him.

If a guy won't kiss a girl after she goes down in him, he doesn't deserve a BJ.

If you wanted to kiss him afterwards, than you shouldn't have let him **** in your mouth.

I will kiss them after 95 just not like open mouth or tongues :)

97, I don't care about kissing after either as long as theres no tongue, but she should have known her boyfriend didn't like to kiss after that, unless she hasn't been dating him that long.

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lmfao!!!!! a lil baby gravey!!!!

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who cares. it's his dick; he knows where it has been. I used to make a big deal out of it too back in the day, but then I just figured it didn't matter bc the girl swollowed it. the "busted nut" wouldn't be on her lips.. it would mainly be saliva

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Your boyfriend is HILARIOUS! If my boyfriend did that, we would be laughing for hours lol.

127, snap. :) OP, try help him conquer his fear. next time you go down on him, stop when he's cumming, and aim at his face. it's great fun. ;) that way he'll soon get used to having his s-s-semen on his face.

#14, where do you keep your dick if you're that disgusted by kissing a girl after she tastes it? a girl should never trust a guy who's grossed out by his own dick.

and you're surprised why?? how many girls wanna kiss a guy after he goes down on her.. not many. it's the same thing here

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That's so immature to me. If my boyfriend is going down on me, I'm not going to not kiss him afterwards. I always wondered why some people are like that. Unless you don't wipe or keep yourself clean, it makes no sense to me.

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i kiss makeout with my gf after she goes down on me and she doesnt care if i make out with her after i go down on her

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What is the big deal, OP? Get used to it, it's her new lip gloss.

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This is Richard, but we call him Big Dick.... Big Dick was a Seaman!

I got no problem making out with my gf after a bj, except when I've jizzed more than just a little on her face and/or in her mouth like it's no big deal really and she always makes out with me after i go down on her, but I can see why guys dong like it cuz personally I'm not a huge fan of snowballin unless there ain't that much **** there

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24 cool picture I have a shirt that looks like that but it has different words but the font and designs are the same my shirt just has more designs and it's cooler.

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The daddy say he don't like my ways, probably cause I hit it 3 times a day. dropped her off late with a sticky face, so a kiss on the cheek is your mistake. oh ya

well if you were a guy, you wouldn't want to kiss a chick who just had their mouth full of splooge either...

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really, you don't make out with a girl after she just gave you head. That is common sense.

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This is all so dumb. :P Unless the girl still had cum in her mouth, then I understand. Not many guys want to cumswap with their girlfriends. Kissing after going down, though, either way, is not bad at all. It's your own body, after all.

actually i think I've only had one woman not go down on me after pulling out. it's the clean way to have sex. she swallows no mess. not that I recommend that. can lead to babies

#60 exactly. most of my girlfriends finish me off by me pulling out and them going down on me. clean and fun for both of you :)

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chrissycrunk I love your hair! lol =]

yeahh, thats dumb he wouldnt kiss you, i mean he gets all your cum in his mouth, so there should be nothing wrong with his own in your mouth kisssing him.

it's immature for him to not kiss you. next time don't swallow and shoot that shut back on him.

62 is Hott so whatever he says goes XD lol

62 is hott so whatever he says goes lol XD

it's not the fact that his dick was in her mouth. it's cuz she has **** on her face. no one wants to eat their own ****

its hot when a girl taste her own pussy but when a guy tastes his own dick it's nasty

What kind of stupid double-standard is that, demarcusT? If it's fine for one to do it, it should be fine for the other too.

It's normal. My boyfriend didn't like to kiss me after he cums in my mouth neither, I understand that, He is ok with kissing after BJ only if he didn't cum. This is really no big deal.

I'd kiss the old lady unless she's been eating tossed salad

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Lol Einstein has a handlebar mustache hahahahahahaha

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did you hear about the gay whales? they sneak up on submarines and suck out all the seamen. :o

Next time, dear, spit in his face, at his mouth specifically, or save it in the freezer, and snowball him when he least expects it.

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so u read it wrong she had **** on her lips lol

I like the taste of myself. I don't like the taste of cum though. The boyfriend wins this one. I wouldn't want that in my mouth either...

Man, 129,131. what a bitch. the goo is for the gal

Chaos is right, it is down to personal preference. But I do take objection to the double standard that was mentioned above (as I made clear by doing so earlier).

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it's funny because ur picture is a picture of **** in my pants

242, guys like you should be castrated - however, judging by how angry you are, and your "name" being "Big" Daddy, you probably have not much down there to start with. :)

Well, while I agree it's a double-standard, I think people simply have preferences... I mean, they taste different, don't they? Chemically speaking, womens' bodies are acidic while men are basic. Different tastes appeal to different people. Of course, no everyone likes the taste of their own body, but do it anyways for other reasons. So yes, it would appear to be a double-standard, although I'll say this: if a girl can swallow another guy's jism, then he should be able to do the same with his own. But again, no experience here, just a thought...

he's just being smart. that would be more of a FHL

@Monster_Tamer - You have a point. It's more just when one person refuses point blank to kiss their partner after going down on them, but expects them to kiss them the other way around. But like I said, you have a point.

hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha thts funny

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I hate people commenting on the first comment..

It could have been worse he could have gone s-s-s-sssssssss and exploded

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my bf won't even let me go near his face unless I'm sure I washed out my mouth out but I let him kiss me even though I don't like how I taste even though he does

MegamiKaosu 28

my bf won't even let me go near his face unless I'm sure I washed out my mouth out but I let him kiss me even though I don't like how I taste even though he does

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Yet guys expect girls to kiss them after they've gone them them

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he didn't want to kiss her. because she had jizzy lips.

so what's the big deal with that? I don't get it either. maybe OP you and your boyfriend are just too young to be having sex if cum is too "icky" for you.

kiss after head is fine, kiss after **** hell no.

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Seriously you guys act like she has **** all over her lips. if she swallows and knows how to and doesn't have it all over her face/lips then you should be able to kiss her. This is stupid get over yourselves it's just cum not s disease...well...lmao

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wow that's ****** up. I hate guys like that. -_-

agreed. My ex was surprised I would kiss her afterwords. I replied you kiss me after I go down on you, so why wouldn't I? I don't see what the big deal is anyway.

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i agree with 49 I don't see the problem

no guy wants to kiss after getting head

cuz I've had experiences like that and I have her wipe her face first

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how does it get all over people's faces?

that's kinda lame. but is it really fml worthy?

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102, wow, really? that's a lameass excuse as to why it would be on people's faces.

LOL. Is your boyfriend a snake..? and I would have probably laughed. hahaha.

hahahahahaha! awh, that's funny. but maybe; you should brush your teeth when he's done cuming in your mouth before you kiss him.. that'd be like kissing his own dick.. ew.

I mean...It would be like kissing his penis. I wouldn't want to do that. rinse your mouth out. that's all.

I've heard of stuff like this before, where a guy has issues with kissing his partner after they've been down on him. But they're quite happy to kiss them the other way around. Surely you'd think the other person would have the same issues as you, and therefore you wouldn't go to kiss them anyway?

Nothing better than guys with repressed homosexual feelings.

I don't get how not being freaked out by semen residue (because chances are the girl would either have swallowed or spit it out into a tissue or something) would mean that he's a closet homosexual. And what about girls? Are they also repressed homosexuals if they don't mind being kissed after their bf's been down on them?

Being freaked out is what makes him a repressed gay. Or maybe just young and insecure.

i tend to agree. usually a guy that has issues with that is either immature or repressing some latent homophobia.

It's a completely personal preference, nothing more. Some find semen sexy. Others, well, the words of Peter Griffen come to mind: "I-- I can feel them m-moving..."

If a girl can endure the weird taste of semen just to please a guy, the guy can jolly well kiss the girl and please her, even if it means he has to taste his own weird-tasting semen. Geez.

Maybe he was trying to be funny? Even if it comes across as immature.