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  DjeePee  |  24

Why is 1) sex not entirely important if you're not married and 2) becomes it entirely important if you are married? I didn't thought marriage would give a couple a bigger libido...

OP, you are boring. Quit it. Even I, being almost a sex addict, would love to hunt for Easter eggs.

  EddieBlake  |  0

I'm gonna laugh when she reads your comment, gets all excited, and there's no ring.

anyway, you can have sex whenever you want. but do you really want the looks the neighbors will give if he goes out hunting for eggs he's randomly hidden on days that aren't Easter? sounds like YOU need to get your priorities straightened out.


and seriously how long does it take to hunt for Easter eggs.....? when I was little we did that with my family and it took a total of about 3 minutes. and maybe he had a surprise for you in one of the eggs?;)