By Grrrr! - 23/04/2011 14:19 - United States

Today, my boyfriend told me he wanted to hunt Easter eggs before we have sex. I'm glad he has his priorities straight. FML
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chellean11 0

Me. I don't see an issue with his priorities

ilovehamburgers 0

hunting Easter Eggs are awesome! and only comes once a year. you can have sex anytime.


denaysanders 0

me too

At least the first eggs were plastic...

well it's a once a year kind of thing

wait which one the egg hunting or sex for for the bf? lol jk

OP - put one egg between your legs. lol!

RainbowHeadache 2

Aw that's adorable, OP.

BadasS14 0

48- Lmao!!! thats a fkn win

Why is 1) sex not entirely important if you're not married and 2) becomes it entirely important if you are married? I didn't thought marriage would give a couple a bigger libido... OP, you are boring. Quit it. Even I, being almost a sex addict, would love to hunt for Easter eggs.

MegamiKaosu 28

My fiancé and I would love to hunt for eggs before having sex :D OP you're so weird this isn't an fml it sounds like a normal day to me

ieatcats 0

rather find those eggs than yours

roro9944 0

mybe he didnt have much of a child hood OP your making him miss out all over again!

roro9944 0

mybe he didnt have much of a child hood OP ur making him miss out all over again!

fyl12345678901 0

so get hotter

50 - you are so pretty ! just felt like sharing ..

maybe the eggs are more attractive than op

If you're relationship is that based off of sex, and there's no room for bonding, then you're doing it wrong. Please, just off yourself.

imma laugh when he hid a wedding ring in one and she's gonna feel sooooo bad for posting this haha xD.

I'm gonna laugh when she reads your comment, gets all excited, and there's no ring. anyway, you can have sex whenever you want. but do you really want the looks the neighbors will give if he goes out hunting for eggs he's randomly hidden on days that aren't Easter? sounds like YOU need to get your priorities straightened out.

Idonebeenhad 17

He's hunting for extra balls to put in your mouth

this "Easter" guy needs his head checked...

jonverdevex 0

that is hilarious seriously funny

ImaWiseGuy 5

come on now, Easter egg hunting happens only once a contest....

actually 92 your very wrong there are many contests around for Easter egg hunting, I just won my very own Jesus doll!

lol it's not funny! he's like well, if we have sex before, all I'm gonna think about are the eggs an where they could be hiding!!

I know lol I did the same thing. Easter egg hunts are awesome

chellean11 0

Me. I don't see an issue with his priorities

Me either. If he wants to do that, then quit bitching about it.

shithappens2memo 0

and seriously how long does it take to hunt for Easter eggs.....? when I was little we did that with my family and it took a total of about 3 minutes. and maybe he had a surprise for you in one of the eggs?;)

hereforthehour01 0

I think the fact that he wants to hunt Easter eggs with you is adorable. Appreciate the little things OP. (:

Condoms in the eggs... interesting...

chellean11 0

he's merely saving the best for last

lol exactly, my fam always had a gift for me at the end, maybe that's the ways he's looking at it :P

karmennn 0

well of course haha

ilovehamburgers 0

hunting Easter Eggs are awesome! and only comes once a year. you can have sex anytime.

well technically you can hunt them any time of the year. But then they'll just be eggs

That is a good point :D

denaysanders 0

tell him to shove a egg up his but

TheNinjaBuffalo 0

She would, butt she doesn't want too.

A7X_LoVeee 10

I see what you did there ^

The_Moustache 6

I see what you did there.

Dudelike89 8

^I see you have a big stache of jokes.

spartanfan68 0

ho ho ho that was a good one Santa

i love diss fights... jokes :)

Chipmunk1994 0

That was like straight up dumb... it was about at dumb as the fml we just posted on

hey.. Easter egg hunting is fun!

i dont even think op thought about her own eggs ;) two that are never found unless your a sergen haha!

gilleamb000 0

girls have more than just 2 eggs dumbass they have hundreds to last them til they are like 50. go take sex Ed again

jane79 0

tell him give it up or he won't get it again he needs to hunt eggs after sex. lol

But then he will be tired thus his egg spotting skills will be compromised. Eggs first sex later everytime.

jane79 0

if he was with me I cum before the egg hunt

SoccerRebel594 0 You are nasty ugly horny woman.

really? you look like you don't get any at all.