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Today, I told my boyfriend I was ovulating. He said he didn't want to have sex because he was afraid of getting eggs on his penis. He then compared it to having sex with a fish. FML
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make some dinner with fish eggs and say "damn got my eggs in the food AGAIN"

Haha weird boyfriend...obviously doesn't know a ton about female anatomy...


Haha weird boyfriend...obviously doesn't know a ton about female anatomy...

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Hey... if it smells like a fish...

What's all this then?! There can only be one Harry Potter around here! :D

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He's not the brightest fish in the sea

Totally posting this on facebook. Awesome!

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79-You're not helping our case. It's "we're"

make some dinner with fish eggs and say "damn got my eggs in the food AGAIN"

2, that's called caviar, and is considered a delicacy in some cultures and societies. :/

^^^ And that's called redundant "Better-than-you" shit nobody wants to read.

Oh, didn't realize pointing out commonly known facts was considered "higher-than-thou". My apologies, sorry to offend your sensibilities.

If you weren't doing it to show that you were better than him then what were you trying to accomplish with your comment.

22, I was adding to the comment. Perhaps if I added "he might enjoy it", you wouldn't have interpreted my comment as pompous. Quite frankly, considering your profile, I find your accusatory comments to be surprising. No need to be hostile over a simple observation.

I care what people have to say about improvement. If I cared about everything everyone said I'd have a neutral, boring life. If I was perfect I wouldn't have put that on there. Feel free to give me a smacking in a PM about it. I apologize for being unrational and I should've been a little less in your face, but I still don't see a real point to your comment because if someone truly cared to know it they could google it or they are to you to know it and shouldn't be on this site (13+).

Omfg just stfu and enjoy the fml goddammit.

You know wisese that was kinda the joke, at least how I read it it seemed that it was the point of the comment.

Rofl. That almost made me pee my pants, I was laughing so hardd.

Lol. Story of the year likes nickelback. F his life!

Honestly SOTY, NOBODY under 18 should be on fml, since most content is inappropriate for children anyways @ least that's my opinion/take on the whole thing regarding this site...too many times I have read really stupid fmls/comments (usually by the under 18 crowd) & @ the very least there shouldn't be anyone under 16 on here.

#2 that was the funniest comment I have seen yet hahahaha!

Well if you gave him head wouldn't it be like eating caviar then?

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The other way around. If he went down on her.

I meant if he "got eggs on his penis" like he was afraid of haha

Is it because breaded has something to do with genius? Which swims?

edit.. Actually, I guess you would be since you are female... Then you're a gay fish!!

You've never seen it/heard of it? It's a South Park episode about a play on the words "Fish Sticks" because it sounds like Fish Dicks. You need to watch it, it's one of the best South Park episodes ever.

Haha never ever...well thanks for explaining cause I was so lost. I'll get to watching that right away

Fish heads fish heads, Roly poly fish heads, Fish heads fish heads, Eat them up yum. (:

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Omg! I haven't heard that song in years!! I sing it all the time to my cats and no one else knows what I'm on about. Glad I didn't imagine it or something (like that tv show with t-shirt and t-bag that I'm also not sure actually existed. I swear it was real, but everyone thinks I'm crazy).

I'm sorry but I never heard that song, Where is it from ??

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#59, Barnes & Barnes, FTW! Dr. Demento - w00t, w00t! I got on that show once :D

When explaining South Park references, one must feel that all good things may die with the 90's babies.

Strange, I'd think most guys wouldn't want to have sex with you, out of fear of becoming a dad too soon instead.

I thought that's where this was going too.

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Yeah... I'm still trying to figure out why she even told him that. Usually only parents trying to conceive want to know that. Unless you're keeping track as a form if birth control?

Don't knock fish sex before you try it. Seriously. Try it.

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Possibly a greater concern would be that those eggs eventually hatch.

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Haha. Ya I was trying to think of something to add to this but someone already mentioned he doesn't know anything about the female anatomy so there's nothing else to say other than that's freakin hilarious! Lol omg

A guy like this shouldn't be allowed to stick his penis in or near anyone's eggs. It makes me think though this problem is pretty small compared with the fact he said it would be like having sex with a fish, how would he know that....

I have that insecurity too. Gotta rub them pretty softly down there or the shell breaks. The yolk is very messy and I... Oh. Never mind. I said nothing.

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Wow, why do some people sound like they have an IQ of 20. Date some smarter men.

I like when someone mentions low IQ, which is saying the person is retarded, it gets thumbs up, but when someone actually states that someone in the Fml is retarded, there's a minor shit-storm about how you shouldn't call people retarded.

Docscientist, I guess as long as you don't say the word, your good. :D Doesn't mean you can't think it!

There's a difference between low intelligence and mental retardation.

icmandel 2

No there isnt. Being mentally retarded is by definition having an IQ below 80 points(i think its 80, i might be slightly off, but the concept still stands)

True * you're * but this isn't an English dictionary it's fml. Might as well correct almost every comment here. Or get a life lol

Expected? ... From who ? ....u? Your Nobody! It's fml people say whatever they want. Go give your pep talk to everyone on fml lol Commenting back just proves you don't have a life bud lol P.s i misspelt it again to c if you will waist the time to correct me again and prove u have no life lol

Hahaha did tht to c if ud comment. i am j commenting to let u it's nice of you to comment thanks for the time you spent on me :$ out of all the comments to comment and correct english grammar on you chose mine

He wouldn't need to "correct everyone on FML" because a lot of people on this site aren't complete dumbasses. I understand if you can't spell some words, but the difference between "your" and "you're" is 3rd grade. Also, when you said you "misspelled it again to see if he'd correct it"? You actually spelled that correctly. Nicely done.

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My lord, this person is an IDIOT! I hope he leaves this site/app, it would benefit us all.