The Lovecats

By HaedLei - 26/11/2013 12:17 - United States

Today, I found out my boyfriend has a fetish for cats. I think I'm going to have to meow before we do anything together. FML
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lilmslady 11

he just wants to tame the pussy ;)

Hang on. A fetish for actual cats or a fetish for people in kitty-style dress-up? Because that makes a pretty big difference.


lilmslady 11

he just wants to tame the pussy ;)

euphoricness 28

And he'll do it with his fish sauce if you know what I mean!

You know... That made me gag a little bit.

Now if he asked her to dress up it would be too funny!

You saw the chance, you took the chance. And it turned out awesome

Say hello to Catwoman -- meow *whip*!

#31 It must be the hairball.

I challenge someone to make a joke without out using the word pussy, since I have failed to do so.

I'm sorry, I just cat do it.

Not really feline up to it, sorry :(

You just cat do it? You've gotta be kitten me.

Pawww that's too bad.

euphoricness 28


That hurt my ears 30.

this cat trend is a catosphre

I'm a-paw-led at your bad pun #50.

lol super troopers "this isn't a joke meow!"

#48 that's fur sure

meow down to me simple humans!

Good work everyone

meow do you know for sure he wasn't kitten? but meow a days this is probably normal.

He just wants to make his kitten perrr.

That's good though. Whenever he does something bad, just spray him with water. It'll be the most effective way of training him.

Yes this is a very effectic method of training your man. Now every time mine is in trouble he knows it and he runs and hides under the bed to avoid the spray bottle. Also it is very enjoyable to spray them just because.

I can't stop laughing cus all I picture is a grown ass man petrified and hissing from under the bed, over a little water. hair in his back standing and him trying to claw you with his huge man hands

Run. Run and don't look back!

Why? Everyone has some fetish of some kind. It's all about communicating and finding out what your partner is and isn't okay with and finding a mutual ground where both are happy and comfortable.

I asked my man how he'd react if I starting meowing in bed. i was hypothetically speaking but before I knew it one thing led to another and it was one of our best moments. you can't be so closed minded. gotta keeo thu ngs interesting

Hang on. A fetish for actual cats or a fetish for people in kitty-style dress-up? Because that makes a pretty big difference.

Does it... Does it really. Oh wait yes it does.. Okay. Good point, carry on.

Shrouds 14

Yea. Sodomizing kittens should be a deal breaker.

kittens? maybe. how about full grown cats?

Rainhawk94 27

I think i saw a putty cat

crazytwinsmom 25

I tought I taw a puty tat.

bfsd42 20

I did, I did, I did thaw a puddy tat.

That bad old putty tat is up to his old tricks again.

Rub his tummy

Have you ever tried rubbing a normal cat's belly? It's like the switch to Attack Mode. I'd most likely lose a few fingers if I dared touch a cat there.

MichellinMan 20

I ddid taht oncew,. Tats whey I j canht tyfpe hwekll.

Cat got your tongue too, huh?

Every cat is different. I have 4, not by any choice of mine, and each one likes a different kind of petting. 2 are butt cats, 1 is a head cat and 1 is actually a tummy cat. The tummy cat won't shut up and keeps rolling over until you pet her tummy.

I have five cats. They all love things differently. Of course the fluffiest cat that needs brushed more often hates being touched anywhere near the stomach. But he sure will roll around on his back with his stomach in the air begging for you to try.

RedPillSucks 31

A furry in the making. Get your cat-woman outfit on.... rrrrawrrr!

Yep! Just re-enact Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman scene. Purr and give yourself a tongue bath.

RedPillSucks 31

I was thinking more along the lines of Halley Berry

I don't recall Halley Berry licking herself. :P Yes, Berry looked super hot but she wasn't the better Catwoman in my books.

perdix 29

#42, what??? No mention of Eartha Kitt?

Or Julie Newmar.

Cats, like bestiality (cue "inter species erotica" joke) or cat girls or like Catwoman or... Either way this is all manner of dear gods why, and not what you signed on for. (Is it?)

StompinOnCrayons 15

I hope you never leaave him alone with the pet kitty...