By juliette - 08/10/2012 05:39 - United States - Tucson

Today, I surprised my boyfriend with a bag containing condoms and sexy lingerie. He looks into it and says, "I hope you kept the receipt." FML
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The sexy lingerie you should keep. The asshole boyfriend...not so much.


.... Wait Where did the FML go about the babysitter who got caught peeing in the sink?

Economy is tough. Op, you shouldn't be so impulsive.

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Because condoms cost so much, right?

Who'd have thought? Everybody's blaming the banks but turns out it was safe sex that caused the economic crisis.

60, actually here in Texas it's 15 bucks for a pack of 8 -.- it's like they don't want us to have safe sex D:

60- someone obviously doesn't buy condoms. Or sees how much a girl can spend on lingerie.

78, upon my recent visit to Texas I found that the price of condoms is actually about $12-$14 for an economy pack. And condoms are usually sold in 3 and 12. Not sure where you get your rubbers.

That's an odd thing to say. It feels like some context is required. But that was a mean thing to say anyway. FYL.

The context is that the bag was plastic and he hates supporting organizations which give plastic bags

29/ how the hell did you come up with that?!

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2 - Context isn't necessarily needed to get the point across, but I'm curious as well as to why he said that. Personally, if my girl did this for me, I would say, "sooooo... my whole afternoon just opened up," but that's just me.

Maybe they were having money problems

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They must have been too big. It's the only conclusion as to why he wouldn't like that gesture.

Why would he want flavored ones? Is he going to perform autofellatio during their sexy times?

BF: What? We have to do this again? no screw that, where's the receipt?

No. That was horribly lame. We all agreed the small condoms were too big. He needs XXS ones.

What exactly does he have to lose here? It was your money and if it makes you feel sexier then he will benefit even if he doesn't turn him on directly. Madness.

Madness? THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!! Sorry couldn't resist

Who says it was OP's money? Some couples share their money even if they aren't married.

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Maybe he wanted to see how much it cost OP.

Yes! Exactly maybe OP's BF was being pro-active and didn't want his loving girlfriend to spend to much on him! Or maybe not.

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Maybe he thought the lingerie was for him to wear, since you handed it to him?

Or maybe he wanted to pick out lingerie with her?

Or maybe he prefers her with no lingerie on...

Maybe he just wants to get a tax return on it?

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You know, because it's a waste of money to buy sexy clothes when you could just be naked all the time! That's what he's trying to say, right?

The sexy lingerie you should keep. The asshole boyfriend...not so much.

Boyfriend just used his 1st right of refusal. Now you can go make the offer elsewhere.