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  rawr9able  |  4

Yoga bores me, I'd happily take that unwanted gift away from you for my own amusement. Just sit back and stay as quiet as you can and blame the exercise for when you're catching your breath. O_o

  KaintukeeBob  |  13

Just replace the 'a' with an 'r' and re-arrange the letters.

Your class will be much more interesting.

Congrats, OP. Now see if your SO can screw you when you're in that position - could be fun.

  katiemarie23  |  0

126 - you are trying way too hard dear. why don't you go back to your pre-pubescent toys and stop hitting on guys who are much older than you. they probably don't want to go to jail for an inexperienced child like yourself.

  meg353  |  0

135- um no... I have had stable relationships with older men, also I am mature both physically and mentally for my age. obviously, you are not.

  TeenieAmerica  |  9

Exactly. I have extra-genital orgasms sometimes, so I've taught myself to be subtle about it. If one of them hits me in public, I can usually handle it pretty noiselessly and I don't think anyone's noticed me having one before. OP, count yourself lucky.

  RadioOctopus  |  16

heyy meg likes what she likes personally i like the same! i just advise you to be careful missy.. lots of danger can come out of it.. and anorexicbarbie.. enough said

  maa_rico  |  4

I don't think any man would like a woman like that, who gets off just by bending, let's say she is in church or a crowded place like that she goes to pick up something from the floor and boom she starts moaning pulling her hair and cumz o.0 WTF? i would be really embarass by that.

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

I would fucking love to date a woman like that. There's nothing sexier to me than a pretty(+) girl having an orgasm.
I'm sure a lot of guys would agree.

And I say pretty, because I don't ever wanna see Oprah have one.