By DallasGal - 14/02/2012 16:31 - United States

Today, my boyfriend wanted to have Valentine's Day sex. He then remembered it was unlimited pancakes at IHOP. FML
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hoolie06 0

So you couldn't have sex afterwards or before?


hoolie06 0

So you couldn't have sex afterwards or before?

anela_fml 0

I would be on that like white on rice. the pancakes, not my girlfriend.

dude is it really all you can eat pancakes holy shit.We're goin to IHOP babe.

texas_justice 0

...the worst day I ever had eating pancakes was better that the best day I ever had eating...

hoolie06 0

Where's my comment? I'm pretty sure I was #1.


exactly. and you should suggest to him that maybe you guys should order takeout, then when you get home eat the pancakes (and whipped cream) off of each others stomachs (or whichever body part you prefer). :)

Toxxic_Blackout 0

it's a YDI because you obviously have loose bacon strips for a ****** and you are no longer more appealing than pancakes.

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PANCAKES from ihop! shizz; those are da shitttt!:D

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I love pancakes and quizbowl.

ImRawrtastic 0

lmao "wow babe these pankcakes taste Bettr than u"..

YDI, ihop is much better then sex and u.

Icarus_II 0

Ahhh...who could want sex when there's unlimited pancakes at IHOP? Taking a shit in the dark, I'm guessing the OP is a complete fatass?

doink 0

"Taking a shit in the dark" is genius. *steals line from you*

Icarus_II 0

shit/*shot same difference Might I blame DOOM?

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taking a shit in the dark LMAO made my day

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well, you can have sex anytime! free pancakes, on the other hand....

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I don't even see how anyone could eat more than three of those pancakes. good lord...

too true #5 whats wrong with u OP, pancakes r way better than sex. **** i want pancakes now :/

Pancakes rule! If you could have had pancakes, then had sex out in back so you could still smell them... mmmmm, perfect!