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Today, a guy's car broke down in my street, so I helped him push it into my driveway, checked his car out, and gave it a jump start. He thanked me, then as he went to pull out, he instead smashed straight into my car. FML
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You know what they say, no good deed goes unpunished.

Wow that's stinks. The irony there is pretty great though. Hope the damages aren't too bad, OP.


Wow that's stinks. The irony there is pretty great though. Hope the damages aren't too bad, OP.

Yeah, that's one idea her daughter had that didn't 'fly out the window'.

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LOL. 43 I was reading that like... Wtf is this person on? Then I saw your next comment :P

You know what they say, no good deed goes unpunished.

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#20, even since I switched from helping to pointing-and-laughing, things have been coming up roses for me!

theres barely any of these types of fml's on here. there are way more good deeds, and a lot of them do go unpunished.

Couldntve been that bad. He wasn't going at speed quite yet. It was an accident, right?

Even low speed can dent the bumper and break a few lights, maybe if it hit just right, crack a window.

A car simply rolling in Neutral can go through a garage door or cause thousands in repairs. My car was hit by a person who didn't put their car in Park and it rolled into my car. The shop wanted 800 dollars to bend the whole backside of my car out and a new Trunk.

I've seen the word "stink" in this FML's comments so often it sounds weird now

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Dear god, a contraction inside of a contraction, "Couldntve." It's contraction-ception

Wow. If that happened to me, I'd be wishing that my life was really a game of Grand Theft Auto. Sorry OP. That bites. you can run him over with your car?

So that he can kill hookers for his money back.

Funny my grandpa just did this to someone

OP, you have a full confession from the grand-son so if he doesn't pay up then you know what to do.

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Bummer! I hope he has insurance and acted cool about the situation. Good luck!

"Brah, relax. Breathe; channel your chi, guy. Be one with yourself, not the automobile. Sweet, dude. Sweet."

As long as he has insurance then there is no need to worry.

Well, insurance rates rise after every RECORDED accident. so sometimes its best just pay the other person for damages and be on your merry way.

Seriously? What the hell is wrong with the world today. It seems that when ever someone tries to do a good deed they get bit in the ass. Hopefully he will take responsibility on what he did. Smashing job though on being a good Samaritan.

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Well if the story ended on a happy note I doubt I'd be reading it on this site

At least it was an accident. Based on some stuff I've read here before, I seriously thought it was going to say the asshole stole OP's car and left them the broken down one. I'm sure it was still a really crappy situation, but I'd feel at least a bit better knowing the guy didn't intentionally set out to screw you over, it was just an unfortunate case of not paying enough attention.