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  aurynforever  |  11


  ImanAzol  |  4

is when you get a hardon making Bambi a fatality

Just grease up and do the deed, don't question the morality

  KK3137  |  31

So that if he is cheating on OP the girl he's sleeping with is MORE likely to get pregnant if he doesn't notice the holes? I wouldn't do it.

  dumboears  |  8

Getting the other girl pregnant would be payback for cheating, if he is cheating. Sucks to be the other girl tho... Just take a needle a poke through the package. I know someone that did exactly that and it worked.

By  vadim14  |  3

well then hopefully his hunting buddy is a girl

  bizarre_ftw  |  21

I know a girl who hunts, her aim is Terrifying!! We live in the upper northeast and she's not so much redneck (or at all) as steampunk. Just saying.
Also, for the irony, she's a ginger (any regular on here will get this)

  ninjacutie  |  6

I tried to hunt once… obviously I'm a girl… I'm a great shot but I got to chicken shit about killing something but that's no the point I'm trying to say that some girls hunt >.