By Mary - 04/12/2011 22:47 - United States

Today, while my boyfriend was packing for his annual hunting trip, I saw him slip a box of condoms into his bag. FML
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Maybe dead animals turn him on?

He's just looking for game.... (bad pun, I know...)


Maybe dead animals turn him on?

I've heard of guys putting condoms on the end of their muzzle loaders to water proof them

He wouldn't want to catch an STD from his latest kill...

Number 11: Me no speke the shootie

#11. That's what plastic bags and tape is for. Don't waste condoms!!

^yeah! Because if you use a condom, there's a 2% chance it may not work and your gun getting pregnant.

ohhhh!!!! @#11, I'm a use that one on my next "hunting" trip . Didn't say what I'd be hunting for

I've only heard of putting condoms on guns in high-school of the dead and I live in the deer Capitol of America but I guess people do it

#1 Maybe you turn him on

#88 maybe I do

11&88 that's debatable ..

She should be lucky its an annual trip and not a daily thing.

The way I see it, there are two possibilities: 1. He's cheating with a human. 2. He's cheating with a deer carcass. Take your pick, OP!

you can put up to a gallon of water for drinking in a condom, guess OP is a little too paranoid

This is perfect! Dead animals turn me on!! I keep them around my home. ;)

He took a box of condoms but forgot his extra cell phone in his desk drawer at home.

A gallon? Holy shit.

Brokeback Mountain

aurynforever 11


228: That is precisely what I thought... But at least in Brokeback Mountain we were all awarded some Anne Hathaway muzangos.

Shouldve just told the boyfriend to leave her some

So who's he hunting?

That's what I came here to say xD

Would that be beastiality AND necrophilia?

268- sounds like twilight.

Aw damn! Look at that squirrel! That's one sexy dead animal!

I love that show

North poll??

Supersadomasochisticnecrobestiality is when you get a hardon making Bambi a fatality Just grease up and do the deed, don't question the morality Supersadomasochistonecrobestiality

Thumbs up for high school of the dead reference

Up' your comment for the anime!

He's just looking for game.... (bad pun, I know...)

You don understand OP, The smell of lubricant on condoms attacks deer.


Attracts deer* Damn auto correct

Shh, I'm hunting hooker.

Hey it makes it less messy when he masturbates alone...he is going in the woods after all...

Well, in the Army we sometimes used condoms to keep water and dirt out of our weapon barrels. Think positive... and poke holes in all of them.

So that if he is cheating on OP the girl he's sleeping with is MORE likely to get pregnant if he doesn't notice the holes? I wouldn't do it.

#77 Sadly, that is the first thing that came to my mind.

Getting the other girl pregnant would be payback for cheating, if he is cheating. Sucks to be the other girl tho... Just take a needle a poke through the package. I know someone that did exactly that and it worked.

He's going hunting alright.. For vagina!

yeah, my first thought was "You ain't never used that fishing creel I bought you!"

I lost the game!! Damn you #2!!!!

No, he is going to be hunting for you ;)

Sorry about the comment i wrote above. You guys may bury that one. 220- maybe he is hunting for you ;)

well then hopefully his hunting buddy is a girl

tweetbaby14 18

No, he was going to skull-fuck the animals he killed with his guy friends. Women don't hunt, because wild animals don't run through the kitchen.

I know a girl who hunts, her aim is Terrifying!! We live in the upper northeast and she's not so much redneck (or at all) as steampunk. Just saying. Also, for the irony, she's a ginger (any regular on here will get this)

118- just stop...

tweetbaby14 18

It's a joke... I too know girls that hunt... You guys must be new, I'll help you guys out, very rarely will you find people being serious on FML.

I tried to hunt once… obviously I'm a girl… I'm a great shot but I got to chicken shit about killing something but that's no the point I'm trying to say that some girls hunt >.

One of my best friends wasn't at school the other day because she shot a big ass buck at the bus stop. :D

Is that a metaphor for something much, much more disturbing?

She just randomly had a gun in her backpack or something?

what would it matter? either way he'd be cheating

55- I go hunting every year and have had my license for about 4 years.. Small game but still, I'm pretty good at it :)

I know TONS of girls who hunt. Gotta love southern il :) lol

tweetbaby14 18

295, I really don't care.... I know girls that hunt actual deer, so.... And I even said it's a joke...

Guys, I am sure #3 was making a Brokeback Mountain reference. Not a dig at female hunters.

He can't quit his buds is all!

No, no. It's bestiality. Spell it with me children: B-E-S-T-I-A-L-I-T-Y As in the BEST. Beastyality is definitely not a word.

No no, it's necrophilia N.E.C.R.O.P.H.I.L.I.A. (what? Op said it's a hunting trip)

Zoo-necro-pedophilia. He's going to shoot baby animals, then f**k them.

Wow, you're dating an idiot! Go up to him and mention that he should buy them in the way, but do it like you're reminding him to pack socks.

I have to apologize!! I accidentally hit "thumbs downs" and it won't let me retract it. Stupid phone.

I'm sorry but your picture is creepy.

Really? If its her I think youre wrong I like it (not being a creeper)

It's not creepy, it's bizarre. Get it? No..? Okay...

You like it because her tits are practically hanging out. Classy.

Yes that has to be it. And this is why I do t comment on FML

I upvoted it for you

He's just practicing safe hunting.

Is no one else thinking "cheater?"

Has anyone seen the video on youtube where the dear tries to hump the blonde girl? In this case the position is switched

Maybe he will blow them up and use them as baloons.

...and then what? Turn them into animal figures?

Lol wtf would he use the condom balloons for?

Getting the attention of hedgehogs like you.

and then shoot them and bring the deflated condom home to tack to the wall as a trophy.

Maby just maby, he isent going hunting, and just sayig that he is so he could meet up with some other girl amd hookup

Did not read to long, can't be asked

Maybe he is using the condoms as liners in the process of making fresh sausage. Mmm... venison sausage.

And maybe, you should try to work on your grammar before posting things.

Sasquatch fetish?

Sasquatch will do amazing things for a piece of jerky.

Weird Fetish O.o

Hmm I wonder what he's hunting

He's going on a hunting trip, he doesn't need condoms. This is a sign he's gonna cheat.

No! D: *gasp*! call Scotland yard! I think we've got a genius on our hands! Tell me more sir! *listens anxiously*

Sounds like he's going cougar hunting.

37- you're the type of person I'd want to be friends with.

Thank you ^_^ *takes off hat, bows*