By notsober - 20/03/2012 05:49 - United States

Today, my boyfriend told me he loved me for the first time. About 2 hours later, he got to hold my hair while I puked, also for the first time. FML
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I'm pretty sure the nastiness of the OP's barf was enough to mask the general cuteness of a relationship. Even more so, if the barf landed on the boyfriend.

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Nice first comment dumbass. Anyway feel better op, not the best feeling regurgitating your insides.

Aw, 24, did you want to be first? Hope you were wearing waterproof mascara OP!

How is that cute? OP probably threw up because she was ******* drunk (her name even says "notsober"). So yeah, **** OP's life? No, **** OP's boyfriend's life.

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At least he loves you enough to hold your hair.

I was going to post the same have to love someone at their worst to love them at their best

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Ops name is notsober, so I'm guessing she got drunk..

Going by the OP's chosen name, he probably said he loved her because he was drunk.... And the same reason why she was puking :P

I think it's more because she got drunk, and she feels he could possibly regret saying that.

Of course it was an assumption. That's what makes these FMLs so much fun to read. I can fill in the blanks anyway I chose and amuse myself. Now, I can also think if she was drinking and they were together, that he was also drinking and just wasn't as intoxicated as she was. But enough to open up and tell her he loves her. And he just might because when I drink the truth comes out of me, no hold bar. See how fun this was?(:

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Remember, if they don't get drunk and throw up after you tell them you love them, they really don't love you

At least it wasn't DIRECTLY after he told you. That'd look bad.

This would then become rejection at it's finest.

Ha and suddenly another fml gets posted saying : Today I told my girlfriend I loved her for the first time her immediate reaction was to puke while I held her hair fml

Why do people have to get DRUNK? Can't they just drink a little and not over do it?

There is nothing in the post about drinking. But I agree with your observation regarding overdoing it. No need.

they could be really really young, or can't handle their liquor. i've seen people puke after 4 shots, which makes me chuckle

I'm sorry I don't understand the question, Are you 12 or something?

21- Well, OP's name happens to be "notsober". That might be it.

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OP doesn't mention about drinking. But even though I agree with you, sometimes the alcohol doesn't kick in right away, so people keep drinking, until well.. You get my point

I dated a guy from Ireland that would drink until he was falling over and I would have to help him get home. He thought it was weird when I told him I'd had enough. I guess some people don't have that off switch.

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Some people just don't understand how much fun is it to get drunk.

You could be a hardcore drinker, after the first sip of alchol it starts to change you.

I don't want to find out how much 'fun' it is...because the aftermath may not be so god darn 'fun'.

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There are also clubs in Ireland specifically for drinking they like compete and stuff. I have a friend from Ireland that got a t-shirt for drinking the most out of everyone.

-93 I'm not going to try to tell you any different, because we each have our own opinion on it. But I find that the 'aftermath' isn't the same, nor does it happen to everyone.

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Lol ikr...but she never really said she got drunk

Well now you know it wasn't just words. No guy would do that if he didn't truly love you.

Wrong. I have helped women I did not love do the same thing and more. I have told women I loved them just so I could assist with vomiting and other stuff. "I love you" and other stuff. Vomiting is optional.

I would do it even if I didn't know her. It's not a big deal.

I smell love in the air.... Oh wait.... That's the smell of puke!!

Whenever I smell puke in the either I say .. Well it looks like either Madonna opened her mouth to sing, or Donald trump left his legs open.

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