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Aww, he's head over heels for you :)

He didn't fall. He was just getting into a more comfortable position for the rest of the night. ;)


Aww, he's head over heels for you :)

He was so woo'ed by op :D


I wonder what there first hug was like

You're killing him not so softly with your love.

Hmmmmm I wonder how well it's gonna go when they have sex for the first time?

She simply swept him off his feet

It's one of those moments that you're gonna laugh about when you grow older (:

Heeyyyyy oohhhhh!!

well if he is the one then this wil just be a funny story to tell people

His first kiss was too much for him I guess. I wonder what will happen before he's about to lose his virginty?

Love hurts (love hurts), love marks (love marks), love wounds (love wounds), love scars!! :D

Hopefully he suffered short term amnesia, in the meantime you can salvage your dignity.

First time is always a charm.

1- Every single time I see your profile picture I laugh lol

He was just trying to fall into your arms :D

86- that song always reminds me of that 70's show!

125, Lmao!! That's where I know it from!!

Haha hilarious :)

Not the best best omen... good luck with your relationship.

Messed up first kisses are special. You remember them more (: if you can after hitting your head though...

Seriously? Seriously?

Little rough, eh?

Yeah you will always remember the first kiss it's that much better if its funny you will remember it better. My first kiss with my current boy was epic :)

Hm. I don't remember my first kiss at all. I remember who it was with, but I have no recollection of any other details. I don't find the chronology of events to be as important as their significance or the feelings they elicited. I think OP should either embrace this as a memorable, funny situation, or just blow it off and focus her memories on her best kiss instead of her first.

My first kiss was at my exes grandmas house on the swing OP will probably remember hers as a funny storie for her children when she grows older

Well, love hurts.

You should let your cat write your comments next time.

Eh, no severe injuries.

Except for your face ohh...that was bad. *looks at wall in dissapointment*

^ Your neck is very long.

It's a good thing because it will be memorable

Just be happy that you're in a relationship (:

Looks like you knocked him right off his feet.

Love is dangerous.

OP forgot to catch him when he fell for her.

He didn't fall. He was just getting into a more comfortable position for the rest of the night. ;)

Your breath probably smelled really bad...

Try popping a mint in next time ?(;

Wow... Just wow

Can you people please stop with stupid, unnessisary comments like this please? Theyre annoying af.