By Annie - India

Nice to know, thanks

Today, I was having a romantic conversation with my boyfriend under the stars. He said, "You know how there are people who are beautiful on the inside and people who are beautiful on the outside? Yeah, well you're one of those 'inside' people." FML
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There's nothing wrong with him having said that. Sure, maybe he didn't phrase that the best way but OP shouldn't be complaining. At least he loves her for who she is on the inside and not just because of her looks.

  jasonraces  |  0

rofl this isnt an fml, maybee he was just saying you have inner because of your conversation, if hes with you he has to find you attractive, im not being shallow but i didnt choose my fiance just because shes a nice person but nobodys gonna date someone thats a bitch but attractive or nice but extremely ugly unless they themselves are too.

  zerobahamut03  |  2

Well you can't be that ugly if you have a BF. Maybe he meant it as that you also have inner beauty as well as outer beauty. I have trouble saying some stuff as well. Sometimes my wording comes out bad.

  NiceGuyz  |  0

@87 The OP could still be pretty ugly even though she has a boyfriend, like everyone already said maybe she's just a really nice girl.


  kaijapapaya  |  0

when I read it, I didn't I interpret it a him calling her ugly at all. he was just saying that who she is as a person is beautiful. it sounded like he was saying she wasn't just another hot girl, but she actually had substance.

  FFML_314  |  11

No, that's not necessarily true. She just may be /more/ pretty on the inside. Doesn't mean she's ugly.
Pendatik, I was honestly waiting for someone to say that. I knew it was coming.

By  lsantos  |  0

What sucks is that if your feelings are hurt and you dump him, then you'll leave him thinking you were a shallow bitch. And since you weren't that good looking, then you were a delusional, conceited shallow bitch.