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By Annie - 16/10/2010 08:20 - India

Today, I was having a romantic conversation with my boyfriend under the stars. He said, "You know how there are people who are beautiful on the inside and people who are beautiful on the outside? Yeah, well you're one of those 'inside' people." FML
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At least he loves you :)

clearly he loves you, THE PERSON. I don't see the problem.


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Maybe inner beauty is more important to him (: still a jerk move though. he should think before he talks..

gee how suave lol

There's nothing wrong with him having said that. Sure, maybe he didn't phrase that the best way but OP shouldn't be complaining. At least he loves her for who she is on the inside and not just because of her looks.

Ouch, that's harsh. But be thankful that in the end your inside beauty lasts way longer than what's on the outside.

It's definitely more important to be beautiful on the inside. Outer appearance can be changed/altered. Personality, however, cannot.

let's give him some credit for being honest..

rofl this isnt an fml, maybee he was just saying you have inner because of your conversation, if hes with you he has to find you attractive, im not being shallow but i didnt choose my fiance just because shes a nice person but nobodys gonna date someone thats a bitch but attractive or nice but extremely ugly unless they themselves are too.

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op, u r ugly and it is ok!  if u r not ugly, even better!

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soooooooo are you really that beautiful?

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Well you can't be that ugly if you have a BF. Maybe he meant it as that you also have inner beauty as well as outer beauty. I have trouble saying some stuff as well. Sometimes my wording comes out bad.

@87 The OP could still be pretty ugly even though she has a boyfriend, like everyone already said maybe she's just a really nice girl. ^NiceGuyz^

it's much more important being beautiful inside then outside :)

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ouch dude if you wanna get some poontang you gotta say "both".

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At least he loves you :)

at least he's honest..

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when I read it, I didn't I interpret it a him calling her ugly at all. he was just saying that who she is as a person is beautiful. it sounded like he was saying she wasn't just another hot girl, but she actually had substance.

that's so right

FFML_314 11

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

but he obviously though OP was ugly xD

FFML_314 11

No, that's not necessarily true. She just may be /more/ pretty on the inside. Doesn't mean she's ugly. Pendatik, I was honestly waiting for someone to say that. I knew it was coming.

he was obviously trying to be romantic, and didn't think about what he was saying. i say she has a beautiful heart.

84, eh? You don't look at day over 83.

At? AT??! Where did that come from?

or he wasn't even thinking about her outer looks n was just trying to say she's beautiful inside but not meaning she isn't beautiful outside

Whew! I was worried that FFML or Ignorance or Schitzomaniac would come along and correct me. Those people are freaking crazy!

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lame duck

I have a shirt that says this

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Tell him he's one of those people who are neither! ;)

Sun_Kissed18 25

Why... he was being nice. He never said she was ugly, just that she has a beautiful personality

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Lol ! quit bitching & be happy he loves you for who you are !

I agree with her

clearly he loves you, THE PERSON. I don't see the problem.

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I agree

abasio 1

yeah, he probably meant that you are beautiful inside and out.

fmlbrooo 0

what a douche :/

Eh, at least he loves you for who you are?

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Wow, thats really mean.. if i was told that i would have broke up with hium .. maybe it matters . :/

Then you are shallow.

OP is a over-emotional bitch.

Like your picture? :D

sourgirl101 28

I have the fat booth app too! Once you fat booth your picture, you will never want to eat another bacon cheese burger!