By alf - 27/10/2008 02:34 - France

Today, I kissed the girl I love for the first time. Her reaction? She vomited. FML
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tic tac is your friend

That sucks my friend...maybe she just had a stomic bug.....


LOST is on, forget about it.

Holy shit it's Stan and Wendy in reverse! Does she have a female friend who dies all the time and still cones back the next day/episode?!

I think you're thinking of south park.

That sucks my friend...maybe she just had a stomic bug.....

If "stomic" isn't bad enough, look at his profile.

Two fingers crossed.

tic tac is your friend

at least she didnt vomit in your mouth... or did she...?


maybe you ate something earlier that she was allergic to... ??

lol i know somebody who told me a guy that was strictly her friend tried to kiss her and she puked outside the car they were in. it totally happens #4

after my parents first date my (sober) mother vomited, they've been together for over 25 years

lol. like on South Park. only they never really got to the kissing stage...

i did that to someone just this summer; happens all the time.

I almost puked after a guy kissed me. And it absolutely had to do with the fact that he sucked at kissing!