By Anonymous - 6/9/2020 16:01 - United States - Saint Paul

Dash and dine

Today, I was on a dinner date. Went really well. She said she was excited to have date number two. It came to paying. I went up to pay. Turned around. She had gone. Number blocked. FML
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By  Sady_Ct  |  37

Maybe she just does this to get free food.

By  Chazzster  |  20

Something between the intro when she said she was glad for the second date and the end at the restaurant when you were paying went wrong. Think back, did you monopolize the conversation talking about only yourself? Did you do or say anything rude to or about anyone else during the service and meal? Did you ask reasonable but general questions about your date to show you were interested? Do you chew with your mouth open? Did you get wound up talking about politics?

There is one more possibility that might explain this in case nothing negative happened - Maybe she saw her current boyfriend or husband and had to duck and disappear. If that were the case you are better off not getting involved.

  Sady_Ct  |  37

Maybe she just does this to get free food.

  OnReceivingEnd  |  14

What do you mean, "maybe". Had three dates, three different people, zero second dates, especially since she admitted that she only was on the dating app to get free meals.

Deleted the app. If I want to pay for companionship on a very short-term basis, I'll hire a hooker. At least they're honest about why they're there.

By  red6joker  |  7

don't do dinner dates for the first couple. something small like coffee where you aren't spending a lot of money. these days women use apps like tinder, etc to get free meals more than anything.

  Paula844  |  7

or she just didnt want to hurt OP's feelings.