By Anonymous - 16/08/2010 20:20 - United States

Today, I kissed my girlfriend. She threw up in my mouth. FML
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Too much tongue?

Crowcaller 5



I lold. that's gross :p

:C frowning as hard as I can. That's disgusting.

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sounds pretty yummy lol

u sound yummy <3

LOL 88 77- be specific, does she sound yummy like cotton candy?

and you liked it right lol.

Mm... delicious... -vomits-

Haha, I bet that made you hungry. (:

jizzho 0

oh that hawt ;D

ew id throw up immidently thats so nasty !

Better than you throwing up in her mouth.

rockediny 0

I'd rather be the one throwing is having someone's barf in ur mouth better?

Because if your making out it'll be in both of your mouths anyways. You wouldn't have to deal with the embarrasment.

but you'd have to deal with someone elses puke in your mouth^^

But you WOULDN'T have to deal with embarrasment. You can clean your mouth, but you'll always have to live with 'I puked in my girlfriend mouth once'

lmfao dump her ass

well thats disgusting and she didnt even pull away so therefore dump her ass

The_good_times 0

Well if she knew she'd throw up in his mouth she would've probably pulled away.

im pretty sher she felt it cumming

I can't tell when I'm about to throw up. some ppl can't