By FUSheldon - 28/11/2012 05:15 - United States - Millstadt

Today, my boyfriend started watching The Big Bang Theory on DVD. Now he won't stop saying "Bazinga" every time he says or hears something that sounds funny. It's so annoying I want to feed him to the neighbor's dog. FML
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at least he isn't saying LOL everytime he hears something funny.

write your own version of the roommate agreement and make his life hell!


at least he isn't saying LOL everytime he hears something funny.

And I don't think you should feed him to the neighbors dog. I suggest going breaking bad on him. You will need a bathtub, some hydrofluoric acid, a body and a crazy chemistry teacher.

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I don't think anyone says LOL when they hear something funny... At least not in a real conversation

Go to any high school and spend 5 minutes with a freshman/yer 7 kid.

#7 Don't you need a plastic bin big enough for the body? :)

That or "fail!" ._. A co-worker of mine says that and it's so annoying.

It could get worse. He could start knocking on everything and repeatedly say "Penny" *knock, knock, knock* "Penny" for hours. Lol

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Favorite show. OP, don't mess with the Shamy.

Not even close... He says it to show he isn‘t being serious. The BF uses it, whenever he says or hears something funny. That doesn‘t make him a Sheldon. That makes him a dumbass.

Wow something is annoying! You poor thing.

write your own version of the roommate agreement and make his life hell!

Well it would have to be both, since I believe they live together and are dating. So it will be a split

Just ignore him until he stops! If he wants to act like a preschooler who wants attention, then treat him like one! It always works on the kids I babysit!

Not once have I seen Lauren get upset at the comments people have said. DROP THE J.B. HATE! It's getting old, let her be.

Someone always has to point it out, it's quite annoying. As I said, it's getting old, honey.

She can dedicate her profile to whatever the **** she wants, you hypocritical V for Vendetta fan boy. It doesn't necessarily indicate that she's obsessed. It's just an anonymous online profile. It's not like it's a big part of her. My profile was recently dedicated to a character from "Walking Dead," and now it's dedicated to The Beatles. Give me shit for that. I dare you. I doubt you'd care if she showed her devotion to something you liked. Get over yourself.

TheIsland- doesn't it suck when you get pwned by someone with less comments than you?

TheIsland- doesn't it suck when you get pwned by someone with less comments than you?

The kids you babysit, not a full-grown man. . . There is a difference.

I understand that, but this "full grown man" is acting like the kids u babysit. So he deserves to be treated like them.

Actually he's acting like the genius Dr. Sheldon Cooper. Bazinga.

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Talking about "responsibility and growing up", when ur a Justin beiber fan? Yikes...

90- how does one's taste in music start indicating maturity level? please stop being an ass, and learn to respect people who have done nothing to lose the deserved respect they have.

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88- They never see your bazinga's coming do they? ( See episode 43, The Gothowitz Deviation)

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This coming from a Justin Believer. Bazinga.

I gave you a downvote purely because of your name and picture

88- You said exactly what I was thinking when I read this comment! She has terrible taste in music. Her and OP lack a sense of humor also.

"I'm not crazy, my mother had me tested". I always remember this same part of the commercial whenever I'm watching something on TBS.

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I once heard it described as "nerd blackface" and now I can't see it as anything else. It's nothing but negative stereotypes about intelligent people. Plus, if you watch it without the laugh track, every character is obviously an asshole.

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Can't blame him, "Bazinga" has a zing in it.

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Still using it wrong is just stupid. You say Bazinga, when you aren‘t serious, NOT whenever you say or hear something funny. OPs BF is just a dumbass of he watches the show and doesn‘t get that.

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Our whole universe was in a hot, dense state...

Then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started. Wait...

The autotrophs began to drool, Neanderthals developed tools...

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Mad sciene, history. Unravelling the mystery...

RocketNinjaFish 12

Mad science, history, Unravelling the mystery...

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Thanks #93, I thought I was the only one who caught that.

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Second verse! Australopithecus would really have been sick of us debating why were here they're catching deer.

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93: oh sorry. I feel stupid now lol And sorry it posted twice, i didn't mean that :(