By FUSheldon - 28/11/2012 05:15 - United States - Millstadt
Today, my boyfriend started watching The Big Bang Theory on DVD. Now he won't stop saying "Bazinga" every time he says or hears something that sounds funny. It's so annoying I want to feed him to the neighbor's dog. FML
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  xlord  |  27

And I don't think you should feed him to the neighbors dog. I suggest going breaking bad on him. You will need a bathtub, some hydrofluoric acid, a body and a crazy chemistry teacher.

  gracehi  |  31

She can dedicate her profile to whatever the Fuck she wants, you hypocritical V for Vendetta fan boy. It doesn't necessarily indicate that she's obsessed. It's just an anonymous online profile. It's not like it's a big part of her. My profile was recently dedicated to a character from "Walking Dead," and now it's dedicated to The Beatles. Give me shit for that. I dare you. I doubt you'd care if she showed her devotion to something you liked. Get over yourself.

  kozzard  |  17

90- how does one's taste in music start indicating maturity level? please stop being an ass, and learn to respect people who have done nothing to lose the deserved respect they have.


I once heard it described as "nerd blackface" and now I can't see it as anything else. It's nothing but negative stereotypes about intelligent people. Plus, if you watch it without the laugh track, every character is obviously an asshole.