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Today, my boyfriend admitted to subtly encouraging me to do stupid things because he finds my "bimbo moments" hilarious. FML
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You have a immature boyfriend. You're his girlfriend, not his toy.

My ex used to do that to me, a main reason he is my ex. And apparently the only reason he was with me was for the entertainment and to make himself feel smarter. Some people have a sick sense of humour. :(


DenBriZel 31

This is actually kinda funny! Though he could've used a different word other than "bimbo"

My ex referred to them as her blonde moments lol

Calling them "bimbo moments" made me lol in class and get some strange looks

Well at least you know that you're not actually stupid... everyone has bimbo moments ;)

You have a immature boyfriend. You're his girlfriend, not his toy.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

You never encouraged someone to do something they thought was a great idea, while you knew it'd backfire? Man, some of the funniest shit I've ever seen happened because of that. OP's boyfriend didn't force her to do anything so I don't see how that'd make you assume he treats her like a toy.

I don't lead people to do things that will make them feel ashamed, and then laugh at them. That's mean.

I agree, thelittlemissy. I see the jackasses where I work do shit like this all the time, and I find it immature and stupid. For example, just yesterday one of my particularly stupid and immature coworkers made a swift karate chop motion towards my face as I walked through a door and laughed when I reeled back... because apparently the fact that I have reflexes is hilarious.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Humility isn't forced, it's earned. If you think something so incredibly stupid seems like a great idea, you totally deserve to deal with the fallout of your own dumb ideas.

The person doesn't have to think it's a great idea, just believe the friend telling him/her it's a great idea. Or the person just doesn't dare to say no to the "friends".

CallMeMcFeelii 13

That's where I agree with you, I wouldn't tell someone to do something they don't want to, but I'll certainly go along with plan headed for inevitable disaster just for kicks. And if you don't know how to say "No", grow a backbone and stop letting people use you as a welcome mat. Nothing wrong with letting someone learn their lesson the tough way, and getting a giggle out of it in the process.

Haha, I get your point! :) People have to learn their lessons, but I like to give them a warning first. If they don't care, go ahead I wont say anymore about their choises. ;)

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Trust me, I may be a little sadistic at times, but I'm not that cruel haha. It's probably since my friends and I always tend to do really, really stupid things haha. At least we're on the same page now.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Well I appreciate the compliment, haha. You seem like a good hearted girl, that's a good quality to have.

Schizomaniac 24

That'll be quite enough of that. Move along now.

flame5768 14

keep in mind that she was the one acting like a bimbo not the bf. the bf just called her out on it. would you laugh at a clown? yes, so op is like a clown: it does stupid things and the audience (her bf) laughs. i'm sure he meant no harm.

why would you use a clown as an example? that is the worst idea ever, they are zero percent funny...

It's also good to remember though that as her boyfriend, he holds a position of trust to her. He may encourage her to do/say stupid things she has no knowledge of, and she does them not because she can't stand up for herself, but because she trusts what her boyfriend is saying. I had a very naive friend who would always get tricked into saying rude or lewd things she had no knowledge of by "friends" who wanted a good laugh.

Not saying that what you guys have mentioned is wrong. For all we know, she might just easily fall under peer pressure. I just wanted to add another possibility :)

#65, it's good to keep in mind that the girlfriend isn't hired by her boyfriend to make him laugh. Her partner should lift her up to the skys, not make her feel stupid. :)

XEnvy 7

yet if a woman did that to a male it would be accapetable? your heads in your butt pull it out. just because a guy does that, doesn't mean a girl wouldn't. grow up

#73 never said anything about it being okey for women to do that to their boyfriends. :)

XEnvy 7

Look at your comment then talk to me about what you did or didn't say. #74

At least you make your boyfriend happy, even when you're being dumb.

Grauncho 27

Break up with him and see how hilarious he thinks that is.

My ex used to do that to me, a main reason he is my ex. And apparently the only reason he was with me was for the entertainment and to make himself feel smarter. Some people have a sick sense of humour. :(

thatkidmal 15

Oh that's cute..... jk that's actually really pathetic. He shouldn't be using you like that.

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xblaine 17

He shouldn't treat you like that it's not elementary school.

So doing that in elementary school is okay to you..?

Majexs 2

Yes, lol. If I didn't learn in Elementary School not to listen to some punk daring me to do something stupid, just because it sounded cool, I'd have probably died in high school. It's how we learn.

Whether or not the person being manipulated needs to learn a lesson about trusting others' words so easily,it's never okay to manipulate someone.