By jkmartinjk - 28/11/2012 04:58 - Canada - Chilliwack

Today, on an important call with a potential employer, he began to speak quieter and quieter until I couldn't hear him at all. When I finally hung up after waiting for 5 minutes, I realized that I had been pressing down on the volume button. FML
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While you do deserve this one, you can always call back and say it was a bad connection and you couldn't hear them. Not completely lying anyway.

Kallian_fml 21

Oh dear. I hope he hung up before you started yelling "Hello? HELLO?" into the phone.


Kallian_fml 21

Oh dear. I hope he hung up before you started yelling "Hello? HELLO?" into the phone.

Or worse, muttering curses and obscenities about the guy on the other end of the phone for supposedly hanging up on him...

fromthesuck 8

And instead of calling him back and trying to explain the volume "malfunction" you decide to post an fml about the event.

While you do deserve this one, you can always call back and say it was a bad connection and you couldn't hear them. Not completely lying anyway.

That is if OP has their number. Most of the time I've been called its a blocked number. But good idea if OP had their number!

Life_sucks_13 6

Agreed with this.

That would have been the first thing to check. YDI.

I check to see if I lost signal first, then raise my phone in the air in every direction of the room ... Then I check the volume.

Well if the volume seems to be decreasing, it would be the first thing logically speaking...

Lbeck 7

Blonde Canadian.

Hey, no, NO. No being mean to a country that is awesome. And has one of the top 3 most livable cities in the world. Lots of the time it is number 1. You don't see me generalizing Americans miss Kentucky.

32- you're cool. For the record, I was almost Canadian. Just born on the wrong side of the border xD

34- Yeah I would've been Canadian too, if my great grandparents didn't decide to move to Hawaii after my Great grandpa retired from the Canadian Navy.

I would have been Canadian also if I was born in Canada. Since I wasn't born there I guess I'm not. Weird...

I would be an American if I were born in... wait I am an American

I am Canadian and asshats like you piss me off. I was also a blonde before I dyed my hair.

Up to my great great great grandparents lived there, I live there now, and so does all of my family cousins, aunts and all.

57/ want a cook- Err... Some maple syrup?

@5: False. I'm brunette.

Must have been a big ass phone or a touch screen.

Or just very excited.

Or maybe it has volume control buttons on the side, such as an iPhone. I've accidentally done this before, fortunately the call was not an important one!

What is an ass phone, and where would I be able to buy one?

Do people usually put their hands on the volume button and then squeeze when they talk on the phone? I have had a couple of phones because I always get the hand me downs, and I've never turned down the volume when on a call

Hopefully you didn't say anything you'll regret....

I did the same thing today hahaha :L

Nervousness happens to everyone, that's why I always plan hours beforehand.

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SpikyG 3

How can you can not notice that. Now the people won't take your call backs.

That's a stretch...

SpikyG 3

WYF are you talking about

Omg I'm not usually a grammar nazi, but this is unacceptable...

This would happen with my smart phone when I was laying down while talking to my girlfriend for long periods of time. I would rest my phone on the side of my head and screen would always light up and hit random buttons including the mute button. More than once she asked me why I wasn't talking after I thought we had been having a conversation...

I don't understand why they would make keys such as 'mute' so accessible. Before smart phones, you actually had to go through the options. Still quick and easy to access, but not easy enough to hit by mistake.

Yeah, it is really pointless and such a hassle when the mute feature is hardly even used! I just take the phone away from my face whenever I want to say something to someone in real life.

[I honestly thought you were gonna eat me alive there...]

Schizomaniac 24

"In real life" Because telephone communication is fake life. Hehe.

21- what he meant was obvious.

20-you made a good comment that I agree with, I had no reason to be mean, and thank you for the support on the real life thing

Schizomaniac 24

24. I'm incapable of detecting anything that isn't 100% literal. There is something wrong with my brain and I can't help it. It was a simple observation. I simply thought it was a bit funny.

Sinkhole 26

Leave it to many commenters to not understand that the "hehe" might have meant that you just found it funny.

I didn't take it in a negative way, I just want to make sure I was understood in what I meant