By fd_uplife - 05/07/2009 16:46 - United States

Today, I found out that my girlfriend of two years broke up with me because she wants to "become" a lesbian. I also learned that she's coming to my house for dinner tonight. My sister is her date. FML
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Worst excuse on her part ever. You don't choose to be a lesbian. Either: - She never was straight - She's bi and wanted your sister more than you - She's a lying bitch, and she somehow thinks this is a way to cover up... something - She's a lying bitch who thinks being gay is automatically cool

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Your sister is breaking the Bro Code.


lol get mad at your sister for dating your ex. isnt there like a rule against that?

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There are too many "my ex became gay with my sibling" FMLs but still, FYL

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no therez no rule... but fyl OP that's pretty bizarre

ydi op you can't "want to become a lesbian", either you are or you aren't , that's a very big insult. -.-" ydi.

dude, that sucks. maybe u can join them one night if u get my drift. hopefully u live in Arkansas and it won't be too weird

the only thing that sucks is that she dumped him other than that i find it totally hot

Uhm, join in. On a threesome. Featuring his own sister?!?!

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i'm in arkansas... and completely resent that remark.

That sucks. But seriously. If she didn't break up with you it wouldn't be fair to either of you. Dating you sister must be little weird, though. She could have at least waited.

At the very leastyou don't have to worry about some dude droppin a sick load on your sister's face :-D

Thank you for the most beautiful image you just formed in my mind. Added to the many mental scars i already have. [Even though this disgusts me, is it true that it's good for your skin? Just curious!!!] FYL dude, FYL.

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#4 - Do you really sit around worrying about that? I think you have some jealousy issues w/ your sister.

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haha supposedly it's true...but it's one of those earthly hidden secrets. no one is really down to try it anyways lol

Look at your average pornactress. Most of them resemble more of an ass than a face, so my guess is no

I would say there is potential for a threesome, but only if your from the south and can dig that sort of thing

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Your sister is breaking the Bro Code.

so true. I love having my pussy licked. and licking pussy. and the anonimity of fml. btw, if you have a problem with lesbians op, then go **** yerself.

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"She wants to become a lesbian" -- See? It is a choice.

no, in this case, it was a choice it's not a choice every single time.

Yes because using one person and one situation is a great way to go about making a ruling on a group or topic as a whole *sarcasm*

Either this girl is bi-curious or is just confused. You can't choose to be a lesbian.

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I'm pretty sure he did nto mean she literally decided to become lesbian.

she probably tried dating him but found she was more into the same sex. Theres always 2sides of the story dumb ass DONT assume.

NO NO NO. She didn't choose, she came out. You have a guy who's JEALOUS that his girlfriend realized she was actually hot for his sister. He claims that she chose, because his cocky ego's smashed.

There are a few possibilities: 1. The girl has been a lesbian all along, and for some reason the OP decided to report it incorrectly. 2. She's actually straight, but wants to become a lesbian. Unfortunately, this probably won't work. 3. She's bisexual (or bicurious, or whatever your preferred label is) and is beginning to explore her attraction to other women. 4. Other.

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#44 - Just intuit that, did you?

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It is a choice every single time.

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homosexuality is caused by an excess of the opposite hormones. In her case, it's an excess of testosterone that was transmitted to her in the womb. it is not genetic, and it is most certainly not a choice.

She chose to play games and then came out because she was too cowardly to be truthful to herself and him. Of course he's jealous - his girlfriend led him on.

@115 You're probably a troll but let's assume you aren't. If who you are attracted to is a choice, there wouldn't be many gay people now and there wouldn't have been any a hundred years ago. Why would you choose to be something that is hated by most of the world?