By KHAAAAA-RMA!! - United States
Today, I found a bird that had fallen from its nest, so I made a new nest for it in a shoebox and put it as close to the old one as possible. When I checked back on it later, all I found was a chewed-up corpse. FML
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  silvercamaro  |  22

#7 I think OP is implying that it's cats that tend to chew up small animals like birds, a dog would more then likely either not bother it or just swallow the whole thing

  EverdreamOfMe  |  24

And I bet you hate cats while chewing on your chicken sandwich.

I'm not saying go vegan or it's bad to eat meat. I'm saying it's hypocritical to hate cats for eating birds when you eat birds yourself. A robin or a sparrow is no better than a chicken.

  guckylynn  |  19

It could have also been a squirrel, or a chipmunk, or anything really. It could've been another type of bird or the mother bird might have even done it. Maybe the mother bird had rejected it in the first place and it was on the ground because she had kicked it out of the nest. You never know.

  AcrusaderA  |  10

Not likely.

Most of the time that you find baby birds fallen out of nests, it's because they failed to fly.

Most likely the mother was nearby and it would have gone back up.

  MissDQ  |  12

Birds don't have a sense of smell, that rumour was started to stop children touching fallen chicks and getting nasty diseases and parasites birds carry.

  2074red2074  |  6

That's not true. Birds have a sense of smell, but it's very weak. The few exceptions that could identify the scent of human wouldn't care. Animals will rarely eat their babies because of a simple smell. Birds may move their nest though.


Birds DO have a sense of smell and many of them have amazing senses of smell, contrary to the old myths that they can't smell. However, The old wives tail about animals rejecting their babies if a person touches them is mostly myth... It was fabricated and exaggerated to stop kids from touching wild animals. Just another one of those myths we can't seem to stomp out yet... like the old "the fish or snake will only grow to the size of it's environment".... Total hogwash. Practically everyone seems to believe in these things without ever thinking to read up on it for themselves.

  ironichalibut  |  24

Most animals have instincts designed to protect the propagation of the species, the maternal instincts are some of the strongest. If a bird can smell the single touch of a human, it's only logical they can smell their own offspring even stronger. There's a bond or imprint made at birth between the mother and child, of most animals. A single touch from a human is unlikely to undo millions of years of behavioral evolution.

  flame5768  |  14

that's not idk how idiots go around thinking every animal kills it's child. ooh look at the elephant! OH GOD NO MAM ELEPHANT! WHY WHY!!!!!! it just killed it..just crushed it.