By Myboyfriendisaromanticslob - 10/03/2011 05:09 - Canada

Today, my boyfriend set up a very romantic dinner. Afterwards, he offered to wash the dishes while I went upstairs and relaxed. His way of washing the dishes was to scrape all the food off, then wipe the juices off the dishes with a paper towel before putting them back in the cupboards. FML
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atleast his intentions were good!

that's disgusting, let's hope you re-cleaned them >.<


first!!! and wait...that's not how it's done?

that's disgusting, let's hope you re-cleaned them >.<

I don't get it what is disgusting about this fml. I see nothing wrong besides the girl not offering to do the dishes after all the work the guy put into the meal.

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@11: Because the boyfriend had already offered.

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#15 it IS a typo, supposed to say "girlfriend"...

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Light......... Fading... Losing all hope.... For humanity... :(

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yeah okay what was he suppost to say? "honey i made dinner now clean all this up"? yeah he would get slapped. girls dont have to do everything for you, fat, sexist pig.

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yeah okay what was he suppost to say? "honey i made dinner now clean all this up"? yeah he would get slapped. girls dont have to do everything for you, fat, sexist pig.

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whats wrong he did it the old fashioned way

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I love you 35

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old fashioned way? cooking was strictly woman's work in the old days. oh what has the world come too. we should have never given them the right to vote

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lol oh you women.

she could help. fucking pms. To the OP, so he sets up a romantic dinner, and you just wanna go upstairs and "relax" while he cleans up the dinner HE MADE FOR YOU? Wow, you're a bitch. He deserves better. Albeit, if thats how he cleans up regularly, thats pretty gross. Still, OP, STFU you should have at least HELPED him clean up.

you need to get laid. holy shit.

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#120 You don't have much comprehension skills or social skills, do you?? Wow... good luck ever getting laid, it will be pretty hard.

Hey sammieInsanity, you are very beautiful, please add me on facebook.

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BASICALLY the dude tore up his arse for a romantic dinner and B!TCH b!tches about his cleaning tequnices ?

Ooh, I am sorry she has a sense of hygiene. Sheesh people are idiots. If someone invited me to dinner then told me to clean up, I wouldn't be pleased. Isn't that normal?

atleast his intentions were good!

I know, right? Most men I know can't even find the sink to set their dirty dishes in it.

u must hang around boys not men!

Intentions = my butt! This guy has no sense of cleanliness! *Throws him in a cave.*

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... how old is this "man" you are dating?

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he's trying to tell you to get your ass back in the kitchen where it belongs

those kitchen jokes are so 2010

back then it wasn't a joke! :)

it's not a joke now either!

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Wow people are so sensitive.

75-errrr........ what?

83 - lol, that's exactly what I was thinking

How often does he 'wash' them? Because if he does it a bit, surely you would have noticed. And if this is the first time he's done it, you just need to train him better =p

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only person that needs to be trained is you to keep your ass in the kitchen where it belongs.

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ewwww sounds like my filthy ass roommate

lol sounds just filthy in general! so many things health-wise that could go wrong with dirty dishes!!!

Yeah my roomie does this too. I wash my dishes and keep them in my room.

that's how you do dishes. well, I mean I'm not a woman so I wouldn't know

And, you're not a man either.

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Is your boyfriend retarded or something?

yes ....... yes he is

I think he is a genius because by doing the dishes like that, op will never let him do them again.

Wow I would hate to see the state of his house/kitchen. He sounds rather disgusting.

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