By Myboyfriendisaromanticslob - Canada
Today, my boyfriend set up a very romantic dinner. Afterwards, he offered to wash the dishes while I went upstairs and relaxed. His way of washing the dishes was to scrape all the food off, then wipe the juices off the dishes with a paper towel before putting them back in the cupboards. FML
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  fireice22  |  0

I don't get it what is disgusting about this fml. I see nothing wrong besides the girl not offering to do the dishes after all the work the guy put into the meal.


yeah okay what was he suppost to say? "honey i made dinner now clean all this up"? yeah he would get slapped. girls dont have to do everything for you, fat, sexist pig.

  theybebitchin  |  4

she could help. fucking pms.

To the OP, so he sets up a romantic dinner, and you just wanna go upstairs and "relax" while he cleans up the dinner HE MADE FOR YOU? Wow, you're a bitch. He deserves better.

Albeit, if thats how he cleans up regularly, thats pretty gross.

Still, OP, STFU you should have at least HELPED him clean up.

  Jonah171  |  12

Ooh, I am sorry she has a sense of hygiene.

Sheesh people are idiots.

If someone invited me to dinner then told me to clean up, I wouldn't be pleased. Isn't that normal?

By  EmElle88  |  9

How often does he 'wash' them? Because if he does it a bit, surely you would have noticed. And if this is the first time he's done it, you just need to train him better =p