By ants9omarching - 10/03/2011 01:48 - United States

Today, the seat in my car broke and wouldn't move forward. I had to walk to school in the rain because I was too short to reach the pedals. FML
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can't you just scoot forward and not lean back?

What a cute lil' munchkin you must be. :-)


rebekahmarie 0

You must be REALLY short.

And really lazy. Why drive if you can walk anyway? Ever heard of umbrellas?

FML I own a car that I couldn't use for 1 day

she must be the midget that mugged the other FML person so she could fix her car...

20 put a shirt on, that's not even a bikini...

AsianCookie247 14


39 - Put some pants on. Those aren't even undies.

#39, leave #20 alone. There is nothing wrong with the picture, if you have a problem then just ignore it. Maybe it's just #20's way of expressing herself...

39 should give some of her belly fat to fill 20's bra

ReynshineCutting 10

39 has no belly fat moron.

rciccone 0

go shorty it's your birthday!!!

rciccone 0

5'7 :D

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I'm 6'1" and I can't drive my car with the seat all the way back. OP should have put something behind the seat, cardboard box/blankets/milk crate/2x4/etc. I'm sure there was some way of keeping the seat forward despite the locking mechanism failing.

TurboTalon 0

Oh wow fail. I read that wrong. It sounds like OP's seat was stuck in place. How did it get pushed back in the first place??

83- that's what I was wondering. I'm pretty short and I'm really particular about where my seat is. That's why I don't let anyone drive my car.

JennaMason 6

hahaha. I like this.

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26 Why walk when you can drive and no tell me about these things you call "umbrellas"

Im the runt in my family and im 6'2, my SHORTEST uncle is 6'8

can't you just scoot forward and not lean back?

IphonFML 6

ehh, not feeling it

I'm, not really! Maybe op can just jimmy it so it's stuck where she wants it to be, so that it can't slide backwards?

You could always go with the trusty telephone books strapped to the bottom of your feet route...

jisaac09 25

Or just sit on the leading edge of the seat? I have never been in a vehicle that moved the length of itself, so even if it was all the way back she had enough to sit on to drive.

you_and_me_fml 8

that might not be the safest idea..

htaylor 1

or OP could put pillows behind her.

exactly my idea shes just driving to school right? whats the worst that could happen and walking is good for you this isnt really a big deal. (i know fml is for ur feelings and she has every right to post it im just simple stateing my opinion) but if it was like 10 miles or so i completly understand. sitting in an akward position really cant be worse than walking.

gaga_ooh_lala 0

Sucks :-

ha ha punch the midget

at least you own a car aaah

stay Home "Your car broke down." ;)

WallyTheWombat 0

Should have strapped something to your feet. Or maybe ask someone taller to take you? You can share the booster seat from the other FML.

Cause rain will cause you to melt into a green puddle.

DaveOnDope 4

I have no mouth, and I must scream...

it still sucks

tahvoh 3

aww....your short ass fuck..sorry:( nothing we can do.

awwwwww..... how cute....

What a cute lil' munchkin you must be. :-)

adding insult to injury...