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  gooBUZZ  |  0

#39, leave #20 alone. There is nothing wrong with the picture, if you have a problem then just ignore it. Maybe it's just #20's way of expressing herself...

  TurboTalon  |  0

I'm 6'1" and I can't drive my car with the seat all the way back. OP should have put something behind the seat, cardboard box/blankets/milk crate/2x4/etc. I'm sure there was some way of keeping the seat forward despite the locking mechanism failing.

  jisaac09  |  25

Or just sit on the leading edge of the seat? I have never been in a vehicle that moved the length of itself, so even if it was all the way back she had enough to sit on to drive.

  pancakerocks  |  1

exactly my idea shes just driving to school right? whats the worst that could happen and walking is good for you this isnt really a big deal. (i know fml is for ur feelings and she has every right to post it im just simple stateing my opinion) but if it was like 10 miles or so i completly understand. sitting in an akward position really cant be worse than walking.