By Anonymous - 26/12/2011 15:32 - Australia

Today, my boyfriend did the washing as an attempt to help me. Not only are all my clothes now pink, he refuses to do the dishes, vacuuming, bathroom, ironing etc., as he has done "plenty." FML
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I'm surprised you'd still want him to help after he just turned your wardrobe into Barbies' dream closet.

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MikeMikeTheAzn 3
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At least he tried to help. A lot of guys wouldn't even do that, so stop complaining.

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Make all of his clothes pink and only do your own chores

And this is why you don't let a man do a Woman's job

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Exactly! Women are best at that.

So, let me get this straight. You want your boyfriend, who messed up on the simplest thing, to iron your clothes? Why is that a good idea AT ALL?

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At that point you should have realized he's useless, instead you want him doing more chores?

I see no fml here. I mean it sounds like he has done way more than he should've.

He's a dumbfuck for not knowing how to do something as simple as laundry.

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Wow really helpful there... Get him back and turn all of his clothes pink!

Yeah, because that sounds like a great solution to the problem..

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I use to do laundry, but then I took an arrow to the knee. He is now your ex boyfriend, right? Man, OP you're so stupid for not doing the laundry yourself. I'm thinking of a pink Christmas. You should dump him, that will solve everything. You should get him back by turning his clothes pink, he'll learn his lesson. I think the moral of the story here is: turtles are ******* awesome. Lol omg op youre boyfran haz sum serios isues lik I thk if my bf dud dat I would lik dum him!

39- ah my gaaaad ikr!? if ma boyfrund evun traid doing dat i wald b so mad!

Do you really have to push enter/return after every sentence?

I read "I took an arrow to the knee" disliked it and left.

maybe not a solution but it would be really funny

I'm surprised you'd still want him to help after he just turned your wardrobe into Barbies' dream closet.

Or maybe he did it on purpose so that he would never have to help again?

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^ my guess Op, take him out shopping for all new clothes then at the end of a Very long day give him a book along the lines of "laundry for dummies", he'll get the message and you'll get new clothes

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Payback: "accidentally" wash his xbox because you thought it "looked" dirty. }:)

Or run it under some cold water because it felt too warm.

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Douchebag? *Insert troll face here*

*inserts one of those insert jokes here*

Insert penis here *points to mothers *******

No, although he would be if he said: Ironman is a super hero but iron woman! Is a command.

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Do the same to his clothes!! And see how he feels about it, maybe then he would care more about others clothes.

All part of his master when you think about asking him to do cloth's you will remember this...10 points for ingenuity

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did he pop the collars on all your now pink clothes too? sounds like a mega douche to me. lazy...that sucks OP....time to have a sit down with your bf, if he's unwilling to change then "bye, bye". Good luck :)

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How is this even FML worthy?! Just dump his ass! Plain and simple :)

puppy train your boyfriend, for every good thing he does, reward him. you'd be surprised by the amount of work he'll get done!

When I read "puppy train" I thought this was going to be about some sexual position.

The good ol' sticker reward system! Works like a charm with preschoolers. Good luck OP. :)

And if he messes up, rub his nose in it and send him outside.

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I successfully clicker trained my older brother once. It took me ten minutes. >:D